Why do tears smell bad?

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Why do tears smell bad?


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we eliminated the bad smell

with a change in food, but have NOT eliminated the tears altogether. I think my dog's eye has a lot to do with the constant tearing, but at least it doesn't stink anymore!

when she first came home

Well we have been experimenting with

different foods and now with this food it seems like her tears smell were before they weren't but she was having other issues.I guess will have to just clean her face more often.

I think...

it would be due to the fact the tears fall into there "main" rope-like facial fold and no matter how well you are with your dogs maintenance it still sits in there for a period of time with other dirt and stuff that may be finely built up and I guess its based around that. I don't think certian foods will change the smell but some people are lucky enough to change diets or find the "right" food that keeps tear stains and tearing itself to a minimum. Not sure if this helps but just my .02

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