What is too hot?

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What is too hot?

I live in Yuma Adminzona and it is very hot here, summer can reach 120 degrees. I desperately want a abull dog but fear that it's too hot for one here. I want to be able to take the dog outside and play with it but am fearful I will injur the dog. Can they play for long, are they active as am I, would I be making the wrong choice?

to a degree it depends on the dog..

obvoiusly my dog (we're from florida) can handle the heat better than a dog from say..er.. alaska... because he is used to it more. HOWEVER, bulldogs should really be inside dogs, so how hot it gets outside in your area shouldn't matter too much.

murphy is a very active boy who would play frisbee or ball until his legs fall of if i let him.

get in touch with other arizona bulldog owners. go to a show and ask the owners about heat and bulldogs.. and just about bulldog behaviors in general. they best way to learn is to get your hands on one!

hope that helps,

Emily & Murphy

There are cooling coats and neck wraps...

but that would not work for playing in the kind of heat you are t alking about...It works for taking them for a couple of minute walk in high heat and that is about it.
Lorraine Eyth

too hot

I live in Vancouver BC Canada (150 miles north of Sattle)and I never take my dog Onslow out for more that a potty break in the middle of a hot day. Here a hot day is 30 degrees C. (86F) I do walk him in the early morning and then in the late evening. You can not be to careful with bulldogs.

I totally agree, there are times in the summer...

when I wouldn't take ANY dog outside for more than a minute and I know Yuma is even hotter than Phoenix. There are things you can do to keep them cool like a wading pool with cool water, but they really can't go for long walks in the heat.

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Re: What is too hot?

They are inside dogs. I live in phx. You can not take them out during the day in the summer. if over 80 degrees you should have them out 10 mins or so. They get over heated very quickly. If they get to hot they will get heat stroke. If you want your dog to hang out with you outside then this will not be the breed for you. They are a fatastic breed they just have special needs.

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