What causes a club foot....

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What causes a club foot....

on a newborn puppy, does anyone know?

IMHO they always turn right N/M


Yep...when they are newborns their feet don't always turn the ri

but keep the bottom of the pen bumpy and with good traction and when they start to walk and use their feet and legs to move they will turn around 99% of the time.

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are you talking about the rear legs beiing turned aroud?

if so it is from not enough room in the horns. They will turn around on their own as the puppy starts using his/her legs.


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Re: What causes a club foot....

Our bullie girl Cind RRR Ella had a litter of 5 pups 17 days ago. The vet said there were 4 on one side of the horn, and 1 on the other. The three boys had inverted feet, and the two girls looked normal. If you look at them today, you would have trouble telling the difference in any of them, because they are all normal now. Saturday they will be three weeks old. In fact, they are just starting to stand. All have stood already, if only for a few shaky seconds. That's pretty fun to watch.

We were very alarmed when we saw this. It really scared us. I was relieved to read that this was almost always temporary. My question is this:

Has anyone ever seen an adult bulldog who's feet never turned the right direction? I have not been able to find one.

C. Davis

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