What causes calcification of an ear canal?

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What causes calcification of an ear canal?

I was just reading the post below and was curious as to what is the cause?


wish i knew

I'm sure someone else here knows exactly what the cause is but Tank has been getting a lot of ear infections so I am thinking that is the cause of it - could be wrong though

Chronic ear inflamation causes calcification.

I work part time for a vet. and have seen several older dogs that have had chronic long term ear problems. The ear canal shrinks and gets stiffer and soon even the vet can't get anything down to clean the ear and so the ear inflamation is getting worse and worse and then there is no canal and major surgery is required by a specialist vet.


My vet told me inflamation causes the calcification. It was quiet a surprise to me to see the x-ray of the ear. You could clearly see what looked like bone in the shape of an ear canal.

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