weaning puppy and it threw up food HELP!!!

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weaning puppy and it threw up food HELP!!!

My puppies are 4 weeks old. I started them with esbilac and baby rice cereal with some yogurt in it and now I have been blending a small amount of puppy food into it. Tonight I fed them and about 5 minutes afer they ate one of them threw it all up. What should I do differently? Should I be worried about her?

Thank You Vicki

The mixture was a little runnier this time than usualso I think it was easier for her to eat so she ate to fast. It just scared me and her. Poor baby. After she threw up she was barking at her sister and biting her and now she is sleeping so she must feal better.

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you might be moving to fast

go back to what you were doing for a few days. Then slowly add a bit of ground up kibble, increasing the kibble after 2-3 days.

the puppy might have eaten to much.

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