Watery Eyes

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Watery Eyes

Our 11 month old bullie has had watery eyes lately. He doesn't have tear marks on his coat that I have seen on others, but the fur around his eyes (top and bottom) are both moist. His eyes are bloodshot, but do not appear anymore bloodshot then normal. They appear glassy to me. His behavior has not changed either.

I examined his eyelids and they don't appear to be in his eyes so I don't think entropian is the culprit.

This has been going on for a week now and am wondering if it is common for them to be extra watery from time to time due to wind or other environmental changes or what else could be the cause. We have not changed his food either.

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is a condition where extra eyelashes are growing in "the wrong direction"..sometimes its a few hairs that are growing inward and rubbing on the cornea causing excessive tearing and irritation, sometimes its an entire extra row of hairs. The difference between distichia and entropion is if the eyelash hairs are rubbing because the eyelid edge itself is rolling inward, or whether its just the hairs growing inward. HTH

What is distichia?

Just curious

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It could be allergies, entropian, distichia, etc.

I would have the Vet check his eyes just in case. Morgan had distichia and I could not see the lashes but when the Vet examined her he was able to see them.

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