Is Voltaren safe for dogs?

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Is Voltaren safe for dogs?

It is a prescription anti-inflammatory for humans. My husband gave my 80 pound bully one without my knowledge or permission! He has been limping for almost a month now. We are thinking it is arthritis. He has only been on aspirin...with relief after a couple days but it is not getting better. I do have a vet appointment next week.

A limp doesn't mean arthritis!

A limping dog doest mean arthritis. It could be tendon/muscle issues, an infection in the paw pads really anything other than arthritis.

Aspirin is about the only med to give your bully short term until the issue can be properly diagnosed.

Hopefully at least 24 hours has passed and your your bully is well. In other words there has been no harm to the animal as a resut of your husband's actions.

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I agree

Dogs react differently to medications than we do...especially pain/NSAIDs. Check with a vet before giving any of this type medication to your dog.

Cathy Miller
Mars Hill Bulldogs

I don't know the medication but please don't use it...

there are some medications specifically for dogs with arthritic pain issues, such as Rimadyl or Deramaxx...the first one is more commonly used and its lots cheaper but some dogs seem to do better on the Deramaxx. I've used both, longterm on old almost-eleven year old bitch has been on Rimadyl for about 3yrs now...dogs with liver problems can't use it, but she has no trouble with it and it seems to help some. DO talk with your vet about using something other than aspirin, because using that longterm runs a higher risk of stomach ulcers.

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