Very sick Bullie need help please

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Very sick Bullie need help please

Wow I am so excited to find bulldog help. For 2 weeks my 14 month old english bulldog male, Dodger, has been deathy ill. He spent 3 days in the vet under observation and iv drip one week ago. He has been throwing up for 2 weeks at least twice a day. He hasn't eaten in 2 weeks. He use to inhale his food in under 60 seconds. Now he won't go near any food. I never fed him people food before and now I have tried to feed him anything and everything and he refuses to try anything. I live in Southern Adminzona so the vet thought he might have valley fever, but the test came back negative. Last week he weighed in at 49 pounds and I am sure he is smaller than that now. He has to have lost at least 15 pounds in the last two weeks. He is larthargic and sad. Ignores me when I call him. He just sleeps all day. He wakes up to throw up and that is about it. The vet thinks he has an ulcer and pancrentitis. He is on a stomach coater pill, pepcid ac, amoxicillin, and an anti-nausea pill and yet I see hardly any changes after 11 days of treatment. If you have any idea on what he might have please help. I appreciate it.

Siobhan and Dodger

Sounds like it might be an obstruction

lodged somewhere in his digestive tract, maybe part of a toy or a sock, Bulldogs swallow just about anything.

Has the vet considered this, taken x-rays?

Lynn King CPDT

yep this sounds all too familar and there

have been a few of us now who have experieced similar situations.
My bitch was in the vets with IV fluids ect, ran alot of blood work, came back with levels that mimic pancreatitis...
treatment for it is NO FOOD and IV FLUIDS ONLY and it can last for weeks, BUT NO FOOD IS A MUST if it indeed is pancreatitis. In soemcases they do not get any food for three weeks.

After my girl still seemed sick i ran sacked my home and all the piles of poop & i found a possible culprit. told my vet about it, went back and forth because i knew she had a blockage at this point and he insisted it was pancreatits (which by the way Blockages will mimic elevated lipase and amaylaze levels) they kept her on IV AND DID NOTHING FOR HER...


We then ended up at emergency vet with baruim x-rays that showed the toy blockage. Loaded her up on a lubricant orally and rectally and in 25 hours out came a stuffed octopus! But they dotn always pass them and often require a surgical removal. So be aware, its an expensive surgery...

Rhiann, Samson, Mia and Karma
If you breed then rescue
Northern California Bulldog Rescue

I had the same problem with my bullie in April....

she started throwing up on Easter Sunday. 9 times in an hour. Rushed her to the vet, they gave her anti nausea meds and sent her home with no food or water until late but told us if she throws up again she had to be admitted.

Needless to say, she threw up on Monday morning and was admitted. Test came back with elevated levels showing pancreatitis. However, slight elevated levels. She had to stay at the vets for 4 days, no food, no water on an IV drip with meds. On Thursday we were allowed to visit and bring food (to see if she wanted it and if she vomited again). She did not want it really, only a little, which you would think she would be starving. She did not vomit so they sent her home. The next day, she vomited. They gave us more meds and changed her diet. A day went by and she vomited again. And the next day on and on and on until the following weekend. On Saturday, the vet gave us more anti nausea meds and told us that this might be a blockage and she would need surgery to find what as in her that was making her so sick.

Since she had not really eaten a good meal in almost two weeks we started to worry that she was not getting the proper nutrients. I went to the store and bought NutriCal which I had given Floyd when he was a puppy and very sick. That night, I swear Zoey was going to die. On the phone with the vet 11pm and crying. Vet told us if she stands up and refuses to lay down, rush her to the ER. Zoey was laying down, and believe it or not, fell asleep.

The next day I got up and she greeted me....which I was surprised at that she felt that well. Took her outside to do her business and she pooped a squeeker from a toy she ate in December....

So, my suggestion to you, since this sounds way too familiar to me is to get a sonogram of her intestins and have your vet look for a blockage. The pancreatitis should have resolved itself after being in the hospital with no food or water. That is unless you are feeding your bully a high fat diet.

Good luck...keep us posted!

Bernata and Angels Lily and Chester's picture

Oh no, here is what I recommend...

there is a lot of people here with tremendous bulldog knowledge. It's a bit late, but i would re-post it on general forum and sk for help, more people frequent that forum and they will know to go back and respond on medical forum. You may need to repost in the morning as well, it is late in some parts of US.
In the meantime, I think he needs to be hydrated. Have you tried to add Pedialyte to his drinking water? This is what we normally do when bullies vomit. Also, is your vet a bulldog vet? If not, you may need to find one that specializes in bulldogs. If he does not want to drink, try to let him lick ice cubes or frozen chicken broth, this would add some nutrients into him.
I think when you post on general forum, you will get some good advice, I just wish your baby a speedy recovery and send lots of good thoughts and prayers.

Bernata and Angels Lily and Chester's picture

Siobhan , I posted you message on general forum and there are re


Kathy Chester Newman and Jessa's picture

Siobhan, I posted the names of two good bulldog vets...

on the general forum page. It would probably be worth the two hour or so drive to Phoenix to have him evaluated by a bulldog vet. Elaine, valley fever is a fungus that gets into the lungs, it's airborne and very deadly. My first bully died from it. It causes lethargy (altho it didn't in his case), and coughing but I don't think vomiting is one of the symptoms.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

That's what I thought. Dog needs barium xray..

could be a toy blocking the intestines. They don't show up on regular xrays.

None of us are vets but we have had similar situations

with our bulldogs for a variety of reasons. When reading your description of the dog's behavior, I too thought of pancreatitis but having him on IV and no protein together with the calming medications, I would have expected him to improve by now. And a blood test would likely confirm that diagnosis. I'm not at all familiar with Valley Fever. I'll presume that the vet has x-rayed his intestinal tract to be sure there is no foreign-object obstruction...and one caused by swelling should show 'something'. Has the vet ruled out intusseption? I'm not one who would recommend an exploratory surgery quickly but this seems to be going on too gut feeling as well as yours. Has your vet consulted an Internal Medicine specialist, or the nearest Veterinary College for a consult? I would ask for that to be done. Sending best wishes to you both!

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