Is Vaseline safe to lubricate a bully's nose?

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Is Vaseline safe to lubricate a bully's nose?

I noticed that Tuffy's nose is kind of dry. Is Vaseline safe to use on the outside (not in the nostrils) or is there something better and safer our there?

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I've been using a vitamin e stick

It looks like a lipstick but it's vitamin e.

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I go to the dollar store

and get their brand... 3 for a dollar or something like that....

~Kellie and Chloe~
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here too!

Chapstick is so easy to apply and I know it won't hurt if Chloe licks it off her nose! LOL

~Kellie and Chloe~
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This is what I would use also.

The vitamin E sticks are great:-)

Amy and Sophia

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I've used vaseline before and it worked fine. I recently have been using chapstick and it works just as well. Easier to apply.

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Think I'll go buy some chapstick...Tuffy kept licking at the Vas

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Why do their noses get dry?

I'm just curious, is it common for Bulldogs to have dry noses? What causes this? Is it something to be concerned about?

Hurley's nose was really dry until I started applying Bag Balm to it. For the first few days black chunks came off (similar to dead skin) and then eventually it became smooth again. If I don't continue to use the Bag Balm every few days, it starts to get dry again. I don't mind using the Bag Balm, but Hurley doesn't like it. It makes him sneeze and sometimes he tries to rub it off.


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Thanks everyone!

I like to use vitamin E or

fish oil capsule. (poke it and squirt a few drops) It works best for us and the dogs like it instead of running off.

Vaseline is safe but I use aquaphor..

I think the aquaphor works better than the vaseline.

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i use bag balm

i get it at my local tractor supply store by the horse stuff. i've heard others use it too. vaseline might be safe too. not sure though. i'm sure someone will know for sure.

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