Upset stomach/Pepcid

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Upset stomach/Pepcid

Can anyone that uses pepcid for an upset stomach tell me how much to use per dog's body weight? Thanks in advance!!

Symptoms and such

Kim ... if the dog "acting" like it doesn't feel well, or is he vommiting ? I might try full fat yogurt and acidophilous before i actually dispensed soemthign to quell the symptoms. If a dog is "sick" ya want to KNOW it, since it can't say " I still don't feel well". Does this guy get special food for a sensitive stomach ? Is this the little fellow I painted ?

I replied to this and it disappeared, how wierd!

We use Pepcid for Oscar and it works fine. We give him one tablet in a 24 hour period. It helps settle his stomach if he is vomiting.

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I have only used pepto

for Daisy's upset tummy,
I think I gave her an adult dose based on her weight.

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I'm a little late in the game, but wanted to let you know we've

Grover swallowed a piece of corn cob over a year ago and wasn't feeling so well... x-rays didn't show it, because the vet thought it looked like undigested food. So she sent us home with a "prescription" for boiled chicken and rice, and one Pepcid with each meal. Just regular Pepcid, she specifically said not Pepcid AC. Who knows why...

Hope Gretta, Wilbur, and Jenna are OK and don't have tummy aches!


Julia & Grover

Thank you all for the responses!

I have a friend that has a Boxer that has a very sensitive stomach..he has been feeling pukey..I know he gets pepto..just wondering if pepcid would help too

I Agree with the Pepto as that is what I use. N/M


I've never used Pepcid....I know you can use

Pepto Bismol and others on this page have said their vets said some other "people" stomach meds were fine...I just don't remember which of the "newer ones"...I've been around too long...old fashioned girl I guess...I use what has worked for me in the past.
Lorraine Eyth

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the couple times i used it for vito, i gave him the whole tablet, not sure how many mg. that is it's been awhile, and he weighs anywhere from 59-62 lbs. that's what my dr. said to give.

I've never used Pepcid on

a dog before.. sorry.. usually you can use a childs dose but not sure if that is recommended for a child.. i've used the pepto and the childs dose..


My son uses pepcid for his adult 50 lb. bully on advice of Dr. Kinnear. He recommended one a day for throwing up bile and said he could increase to twice a day if the condition didn't improve, but he hasn't had a need to increase to twice a day. The dosage was 10 mg., and it's the original pepcid ac.
Love them Bulldogs!


I have to say I've never used pepcid..if you do and it works please repost and let us know.
I use children's gravol for upset bully tummies and it works quite well.

I have also used DiGel tablets and give 2 at a time for a 50 - 6

twice a day

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