Update: possible water pups...

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Update: possible water pups...

Well delivery day was today and we were blessed with 8 healthy pups.

So with the mom having the head shakes, and teets looking quite blistery/ water filled, no water pups.
This is only mine and vets opinion and I write this only for info on the experience.
What I take from this is 1. if the soon to be mom shows any of these signs first do labs.
2. listen to vet about findings and results
3. if all normal no need for supplements and hopeless thoughts.
Could it have been different.....maybe but this is the what I think is important about picking a good vet.
This site has helped tremendously but only you and your vet know your dogs.
So good luck to all you who are expecting.


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Congrats on your new babies

Hope all goes well.

I had my very first water puppy last Friday. It was huge. Bitch showed no signs of a problem...no glassy looking teets. She had no excess water in her body at all. Pups were packed in tightly.

We didn't try to save it as the vet said no chance of it living. I pray I never go thru that again. Just glad I brought three healthy pups home with me.

water puppies

Has anyone every heard it is a lack of iron in the water puppies.Some how one or more might not be getting enough from the cord..anyway thoughts?

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we've had water puppies with signs & without signs.

So we just monitor our bitches carefully and keep in close contact with our vets.
Congrats on healthy babies.

Thunderstruck Bulldogs

To those who understand no explanation is needed. To those who don't no explanation is possible.

I'm sorry.....

for your loss. Glad you posted though. It just goes to show that it could happen even with no signs and it can happen in any breed of dog. I sure you will take good care of your 3 blessings.


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