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I have a question. I usally leave my english bull dog outside or in her crete near the door. I live in Adminzone so it gets pretty hot. Today it wasnt so bad. I came home today and none of her food or water was gone. I can't get her to eat or drink anything. She just wants to lay around. I am afraid something is wrong with her. Could anyone help me or tell me what I shoul do?


Agree, summer can be a real danger, but

there are other factors to consider besides the thermometer. Some areas have "dry heat" while others have high humidity along with high temps...this latter situation really magnifies the difficulty for bulldogs.

Whether or not a dog has shelter, and "moving air" are also factors to consider. A dog with a shaded porch, some shift of air, a generous amount of water (and ice) in a cool bowl (not metal that has exposure to sun) and perhaps a kiddie pool also in the shade can be comfortable in the Southern California summer...perhaps not as comfortable as inside an air-conditioned house but not everyone here has air-conditioning and leaving a dog inside where electricity "brown-out" will shut off a/c or fans can be more threatening than a shaded breezy outside patio. Something to think about, since we get "brown-outs" here in SoCal a few times every summer.

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Bulldogs should NEVER be left outside. They cannot efficiently cool themselves due to thier breathing difficulties and the structure of thier faces. I know of several bulldogs who died when thier owners left them outside in only 80 degree heat..I assume it's much hotter where you are, right? Bulldogs can't take extreme temps (that's anything below 55 or over 75) Please don't leave your dog out in the heat, even if you provide water, it's just too risky, heat stroke will kill this breed.

dehydration can cause an animal to act lethargic

or appear sleepy and weak/uninterested in things so don't assume that she is okay if she isn't at least drinking. Please find a way keep her inside in air conditioning.

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We live in Phoenix too ...

and it's hot this time of year even if the temps aren't over 100. We always keep our guys inside in the a/c and only let them out in the evening to play or early morning. If she is still lethargic and not eating or drinking in the morning, I would have a vet look at her.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

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