Tuffy accidentally ate a Flinstone vitamin

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Tuffy accidentally ate a Flinstone vitamin

Hello! My kids just told me around 7 p.m. that Tuffy accidentally ingested a flinstone complete vitamin that my daughter dropped on the floor morning. My clueless hubby didn't even bother to mention it to me. I read online that the artificial sweetner in it can be dangerous but Tuffy seems fine and I imagine by now if he were going to have an aftereffects it would have happened by now.

Should I just chalk this up to a lesson learned or is there any reason to be concerned?

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Can't be too careful

It's good to check as ya don't know what ya don't know. Folks here will know. Once in Jamaica our dog ran off in the bush and injested something, and he ain't been right since. lol


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Thanks! That's what I figured....and he did seem awfully peppy t

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I wouldn't be too concerned

He would probably have to eat a whole bottle for the artifical coloring to affect him.
They can hoover stuff up so fast.

I'm sure if they are ok for the human kids he will be fine.

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