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Tail Pocket

Buddy's tail pocket has some brown stuff noticeable when wiped, as well as hair comming out. I cleaned it, and added Neo-Sporin in there, like in the med. page. Anything else? I wipe him with baby wipes with aloe vera, and the Neo-Sporin has pain relief, though he is in no pain, I can tell he likes it to be cleaned.

OT They both sit and let me dremel their nails after I watched the link provided on the BDW. I was just so proud. A cordless works for me cause I like to do the grinding in a lovey-dovey type of way with plenty of attention, and used the puppy to convince Buddy it ain't so bad to be groomed. This pic was before the nail trim.


[linked image]

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This is what I do when Chester's tail pocket is yukky...

Once a week I put him in the shower and clean it out using Malaseb shampoo, I use a squirt bottle with a tip to rinse and then dry with cosmetic cotton puffs. Daily, I put some peroxide on a cotton puff to clean and then dry. If it gets smelly and infected, the vet gave me some Animax to put in there. The secret is keeping it dry. Some people use gold bond powder also.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

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