Tail itching

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Tail itching

My girlie has a problem. She sits down and spins around trying st scratch herself. The vet says that her tail is itchy. She has one spot where there is less hair right at the base of her tail on top. No reddness or swelling just missing some hair and very small. He says that since she can not reach it that this is her way of tring to get to it. The problem is that she is rubbing her private part raw doing this. Is there something that I should do? Have to be careful with meds bc she is nursing. HELP

Do I sound like a broken-record yet? Wash area with soap/water

and rinse very well. This won't interfere with her nursing the pups...in fact, she is probably still discharging and should be washed daily on that basis alone...just be sure you rinse away the soap afterward. Don't be afraid to rub the skin a little to get past the fur and down to the surface that is irritated/itchy.

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Did the vet check her anal glands?

It could be that as well. How deep is her tail pocket? Sanford has a very deep tail pocket and I have to continually clean the area out because he gets alot of hair in there and I think that also causes it to itch and irritate them.

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