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Tail Docked

I am getting a new bulldog 7 months old and wanted to know what everyone thinks about tail docking.
some people say it's better for the dogs joints if it keeps its tail anyone have anyting to say??????????? the tail is about 6 inches long.

My girl has a 4 &1/2" tail which has NEVER needed

I didn't realise till I came here that some people have their dogs tails amputated if they are curled too tightly and cause the dog problems.

Amputation and docking are quite seperate issues. If your breeder reccomends docking, has she had problems with previous litters?

Do the parents have their tails intact?
I have been against docking ANY breed for many years, unless it's absolutely for health reasons only, so I would have to say no, to both docking and breeder.



Annie has a long tail and it gives her character. My understanding is that as long as it not below the hocks, it is still standard for her breed. I really don't think it is a necessary surgery. Bulldogs have enought health issues on their own. Good luck with your bully. You will find lots of helpful information on this site.

I won't hold back

the breeder doesn't know what he/she is doing. Their tails should NOT be docked. Find someone else...


Tail NEVER but NEVER do this

Most breeders would just about die for that tail. It is just about the most perfect tail on a Bulldog.

i think a longer bulldog tail is gorgeous!

please reconsider performing an unnecessary surgery on your dog.

in some instances a bulldog will have an inverted tail with a deep pocket, making it nearly impossible to clean. as a result, the dog is in pain with persistant infections...that is when a tail removal surgery should be performed.

Emily & Murphy

Bulldog tails are never docked.Period.

I love the longer tails, a lot less cleaning and more to wag.

Good luck with your new pup. Love to here about it.

Have fun

Lynn K

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