Swollen Glands

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Swollen Glands

Recently my bulldog had swelling in his neck. The swelling almost feels like large golf balls in his troat. He is eating and drinking fine, but these golf balls seem to me to be in the lymph node area. They are just below the cheek bone and in between his cheek bone. Three different glands seem to be swollen. The only time they seem to be really big is at night. They seem to go down a bit in the day, but pop back up again at night. Does anyone know what could cause this or what it could be?

Re: Agree...needs vet exam this week!

I get a chill whenever I read about a posting with a bully with swollen glands. That is how this all started with our beloved MiMi. How could something so simple as swollen glands be so serious as lymphoma ? It was definitely a learning experience for me and I pray that no one else will have to go through it.

Lymph Nodes

How old is your bulldog ? Swollen glands could be cause by a number a things. I would take your bully into your vet as soon as possible to be checked out. Does your bully have any other swollen lymph nodes ie: under arms, behind the knees in the rear legs ? Please let us know how it goes. Keeping you bully in my thoughts & prayers....

Agree...needs vet exam this week!

It could be something simple but it could also be something serious, like Lymphoma, so its important to have it diagnosed and you will know your treatment options.

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