Sudden and excessive drooling

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Sudden and excessive drooling

AFter a routine visit to the park today my dog began to drool excessively, to the point where drool was literally dripping out of the corners of her mouth. (She never drools.) I pried open her mouth to check her teeth to make sure something hadn't gotten stuck somewhere, but could see nothing. I can't take her to the vet until tomorrow (well, I could take her to the emergency vet, but she doesn't seem to be in pain or anything). Any ideas as to what could have caused this?

Thanks for all the help!

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Well, I didn't take her to the emergency vet, because just as I had dragged a sleepy pooch from her bed and was leaving I checked again and saw the messages from others who have had this happen, which reduced the panic. Also, by then, she seemed to have stopped, and this morning seems perfectly OK.

We don't have much snow (all melted in the warm spell last week, but expected again this week here in New England), but tons of mud, so maybe she did pick up something she was allergic too. Very scary.

This is a GREAT board--the first thing I thought of, and, as expected, lots of instant help:) Thanks!

Prof - I posted message on other board to you. Have had this hap


Re: Gosh, I think maybe I would take her to the

Exactly what I am worried about. But she doesn't seem to be choking or reacting in any way, just drooling. I guess I had better take her...

Gosh, I think maybe I would take her to the

Emergency Clinic if the drooling is excessive and abnormal behavior for her.I don't want to make you panic but is there any possibility she could have gotten into poison at the park? Maybe someone thinking it was funny to put rat poison in a small piece of meat she might have found? Anti freeze in the garage or parking lot? A small amount is deadly..Or, could she have got a branch or stick caught in her throat?
Hope I am just over-reacting....

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