Staph infection

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Staph infection

We took Dozer to the vet today for those bumps, we had tried Benadryl for a few days with no change and they seemed to be spreading. He has a staph infection on his skin and they gave him Clavamox (antibiotic) and said if he's not better in a week to bring him back in. Has anyone ever come across this problem? Any ideas as to what we can do to prevent more? I was hesitant about bathing him too often, I didn't want to dry out his skin, but now I feel like we need to do more baths! Any experieces, advice, etc. would be great!

staph infections

I feel extremely sorry for you.Mack had a staph infection that we battled for a year.My vet had him on everything you can think of.Mack is a sweet dog who has every problem known to man.He is the result of a breeder who doesn"t care about the dogs they sell.But we love him and just pay his vet bills.Back to the staph infection,I did some research and found a drug called staph lysate,given as an injection several times.It is expensive,but we were desperate.It worked,thank the Bully gods.So if nothing else works try this.Your bully may have a resistant strain.Good luck,Sue

The vet said

it's an infection on his skin, not neccessarily an allergy...he is on the antibiotic, he got a steroid shot at the office and we can continue the Benadryl if he is itching. I looked online and apparantly staph is normal flora on a dog's skin, and sometimes for whatever reason some dogs can develop a reaction or get an infection from it. We are hopeful that this is a one time thing (this is the first time it's happened) and not a chronic problem. Do you use a special shampoo? We went and got some oatmeal shampoo to soothe his skin.

are you

trying to figure out what is causing them?
If they have ulcerated and split open - the antibiotic is necessary to keep him from getting infected. My vet shaved cammy where her spots were,gave me predinzone, antibiotics, and then gave me hydrocortizone to apply topically...

You need to figure out what is causing it...have you tried changing his diet? Does your vet think it is an allergy? how often does it happen?



I just went to see if I still have any of it left. We lost Lucy less than a year ago so I thought I might. But I don't have it anymore and can't remember what it is called. I know it came in a blue bottle and it is a pretty common medication because others were familiar with it. It also says that is what it is for. Good luck, hopefully someone else will know what it is.

Sabella has staph too

She has it on her belly and is also taking antibiotics. It got better the first few days and now seems to be staying the same... .Not getting worse but not better either. I'm going to switch her to another vet that breeds bully's. I signed her up for pet insurance and going to wait until that kicks in to take her. No advise here, since I've got the same thing going on.

Good luck,

we had that too!

maddie had these little bumps on her legs and was constantly biting at them. we took her to the vet and he said she had a staph infection. he told us it could have been caused by her skin being damp.
however, now she has been diagnosed with having allergies, and that is apparently one of the symptoms. we have her on more antibiotics to clear that up as well as an infection in the wrinkles in her face.


Re: The vet said

I just answered your email, but wanted to say that yes it can be just a one-time in Beulah's case--she had a staph infection on her tummy once two years ago and hopefully never will again. It's mostly an inconvenience in having to go to the vet for the meds because it cleared up right away. Good luck and all good wishes.
Hugs and kisses to Dozer.
Love them Bulldogs!

Re: we have the same problem...

It's good to know Dozer isn't the only one! Thanks alot!!

we have the same problem...

our bulldog, maude has the exact samething going on right now. we gave her a bath and a few days later she had small bumps on her head and neck. we tried benedryl (sp?) for a few days but ended up taking her to the vet. he said she had a staph infection and gave us the same antibiotics you got. we think that she had a reaction either to her shampoo or to us not rinsing all the shampoo out of the fur on her neck. it has cleared up after just a few days of the antibiotic. there are staph bacteria everywhere, on everything we touch. in maudes case the infection started because her allergic reaction caused some open sores. i dont know if any of this is helpful to you but at least you know that there are other dogs with the same problem. by the way, our vet recomended a hypo-alergenic shampoo for the future. i also hear that oatmeal shampoos are very good. we think the shampoo that caused maudes reaction was too perfumed, which we did not realize until after we used it.

Do you remember what it was called?



Our last Bullie, Lucy, had very bad allergies that we treated with Prednisone. On occasion especially when she was older, she would get a staph infecton along with the allergies. Antibiotics cleared it up. The vet also gave us some stuff to bathe her in to cut down on the resident staph on the skin. It did help quite a bit.

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