Spider Bite????

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Spider Bite????

I think my bully got bit by a spider under her chin. I found her playing with something and it was a small spider. I later then noticed a red bump under her chin, sort of a hard bump-similiar to a bug bite. I cleaned the area and then put neosporin on it. Do you have any suggestions? Should I be worried?

Thanks Beth and Roxie

watch her carefully for an hour or two...

if she's going to have an allergic reaction to the bite, it would happen within minutes, and depending on the severity of the reaction, it could effect breathing and a rush to ER would be needed, but in most cases, its just as you described, a localized irritation and nothing more. If you want some security, give her a Benedryl tablet which will help allay concerns about allergic reaction (pills are too slow-absorption for real emergency, shots are needed) and it may make her a bit groggy which won't be all bad if her face is bothering her...she'll sleep more easily tonight.

Thank you :)

Thank you....

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