So, when do they slow down?

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So, when do they slow down?

Our Molly is 11 months old... it seems that she is on or off... she plays or sleeps. Not much laziness or relaxation in between.

I have been told by some that she is in her teenager stage, and she will start to slow down a bit in the next few months.

We love her like crazy, but it sure would be nice if she could relax a bit.

Any comments on when bullies begin to slow down from being puppies?


Re: I know what you mean...

Brutus is the same way--bounces off the walls constantly..he was still hyper at 10p last night!!

Gotta love the zoomies thou...

Allison and Brutus

I know what you mean...

I never thought Daisy would calm down. She'd bounce off the walls from morning till night. But finally at 1 1/2 yrs old she is starting to calm down. She still has a daily zoomie but nothing like it used to be. Now she mainly lays around and sleeps most of the day.

In a year or 10, if you're lucky

Some Bulldogs are high-energy Bulldogs, which means they have plenty of energy, just like any dog. They do slow down a bit, but need more training for that.

These guy/girls need regurlar exercise, plenty of playing and a job to do. Start walking her on leash each day, and build up from 10 minutes to 30 minutes untill she is about 15 months old, then you can go building up stamina. These walks can be done up to 3 to 4 times a day.

Take her to obediencetraining, to give all her energy a good way out. Maybe you'll get a new hobby out of it, but at least you'll know how to handle all that energy.

Rewardbased training is a must, investigate before you start. Bulldogs like training with food or toys. Clickertraining is fun, but you'll need good guiding for the first few lessons. May be Lynn can get you a good trainer. Please tell us were you are based.

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