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Smelly Bulldog

Hello, does anyone have any suggestions on how to spritz-up my smelly bully. I've tried the store brand fragrance bottles but those become expensive after a while and dont really solve the problem. I'm in search of inexpensive home remedy type of solutions...thanks

Baby Wipes

we wipe our Bullie down with "no fragrance" baby wipes ever night and we have no problems with smell.

I love "Nature's Miracle"!

It's not homemade but it's not too expensive. I get mine from Petco or Petsmart. It comes in a pint spray bottle and it is gauranteed. I keep it handy for those icky times one of my perfect little darlings find something a bit stinky in the yard to roll in and I don't have time to bathe them or when I have unexpected company. It is not perfume, it's a body deodorizer. After I spritz a little on my babes, I rub it in with a paper towel if I have time. I started using it because several of my friends are allergic to cats and dogs and "Natures Miracle" dander remover and body deodorizer has natural enzymes in it that makes it possible for my friends with allergies to be able to visit me and enjoy my dogs too!

i used to hate

the way my buttercup smelled. like a dirty dog all the time. i switched to royal canin food and poof. the smell that i hated so much is gone. i havent showered her in almost a month and I still let her lay on the couch with me. hehe..

Re: Smelly Bulldog


What ya feeding your purdy bully?

What goes in must come out, somehow, even thru pores on the skin.

Some dogs just have that odor, others it has alot to do with what they eat.

Best Regards ~ Suncoast Kim

Re: Smelly Bulldog

it is ok to give him a bath. if you are looking for products for in between baths, there are many waterless bath products at a pet supply store.

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