Slade again......OVEREATING

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Slade again......OVEREATING

Here we go again. A little update. The Nutro Maxx stopped the diarreah. The eye was fine and just a little inflammed from the trama, it's completly ok now. BUT since we got him, he's eaten like a the point where he HAS to poop immediatley after eating to make room for the meal he just ate, I had broken the portion down to 3 small meals a day to avoid the over filling but due to schedules, I need to feed him twice a day now and he eats the one cup of food and drink the water as if I was starving him to death. and then sounds like he's miserable and waddles like a penguin. He's been doing this for 2 weeks now. Any suggestion? I have never had a dog that would do this so I am kindof wondering if it's normal or what's going on?

leave the water down all the time

he is thirsty. When he has access to water all the time he will not drink and empty the bowel. And then feeding will be easier as he will not be full of water.

free access to water

I had just been giving him water with his food, not just leaving it out due to potty training. I tried the rock in the bowl and large ball in the bowl to slow him down but he just eats a little and moves it out of the bowl....then hoovers it up. I will have to try the sounds like a great idea. thanks again!

Re: about 3 weeks ago

Well all 3 of my dogs eat like they'll never get another meal & then look for more & hoover around the floors. Have you had his stool checked @ the vets?

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does he has water all the time

i know when i start giving water to the puppies they go crazy for it, after it's not a new thing they will not dring until they vomit. He should have free access to water all the time. He should eat 1 1/2 cups twice a day after 6months. Whe he gets to be an adult then you can watch his weight and adjust the food as needed.

Try sprinkling the food on the floor, you can get a dog mat to put the water dish on, it has a lip around the edge and just dump the food on the mat and spread it around he will have to eat slower. AS soon as he is done, take him out and walk him so he goes outside. YOu will have to watch him, i end up standing over and stalking to make sure i see when they are done eating.

about 3 weeks ago

and that was the second time. I don't think it's worms. I could be wrong but after he gets through and defecates all of it out, his belly looks normal. Usually if puppies have worms their abdomen is swollen if even just a little bit.

Re: Slade again......OVEREATING

When was the last time he was wormed?


Yes Cheryl,
negative for parasites the same time they dewormed just to be safe.

Re: just a thought....

my foods high quality & they're still pigs.LOL

just a thought....

what food are you currently feeding him? If you are feeding him with more fillers than yes, he will feel really hungry when he goes potty since fillers have no nutritional value and when he goes, he will poop alot. If you feed him a high quality dog food with no fillers then he will feel full and not feel hungry all the time. But if you are feeding him a high quality dog food and he still feel hungry perhaps youo can have a fecal exam for him? They can tell if he has worms.

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