Skin problems (with pictures)

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Skin problems (with pictures)

Hi everyone

Can you look at these pictures and tell me what you think?

We've had skin problems before, including seasonal alopecia on the flanks, but this seems a bit different. He's losing his hair all across his shoulders and back.

The vet gave him an antibiotic "Rilexine 300" (which we've finished) and we've been giving him baths with "Peroxyderm" (Benzoylis peroxidum) every day but it's still spreading. In some places he has little circles with no hair left at all. Any ideas? Nothing else has changed in terms of diet etc and he's an otherwise happy 3-yr old dog, fully treated for fleas, ticks etc... Doesn't seem to be scratching so it's not itchy.


does it look like anything you've seen before?


Doesn't look like the typical mange condition I see.


I have seen and heard of dogs reacting to flea meds in this way.

I had not read that you applied flea medication to the dog. That could very possibly be the cause of his problem. Many dogs react on the place you put the medication, and your dogs' coat looks like what I have seen as a med reaction. I am not sure what action to take, but your vet, or a good bully vet, should know what to do to counteract the meds.

Try this before you do a food change. If the meds weren't the problem, then change food. If you do all this at once, your dog may have a worse reaction!

Amy and Sophia

still looks like season flank alopecia to me

but that is just my opinion...if you have ruled out Demodex via skin scraping..but demodex is usually more loclaized then spreads..this looks more like alopecia just maybe more severe that last time..big clue for me is the color change in the hair..and location of hair loss..
hope things get better

That's a good reason to change his food..

dogs can develop allergies to foods and some say you should change their food every few months. The Whole Dog Journal suggests rotating 3 or 4 high quality foods every few months. Try a different food.

could be the Advantage. That is probably the area where you apply it to his coat, right?

Re: I'd change his food and shampoo..

Food hasn't changed - Royal Canin - for the last two years at least.

We did change from Frontline to Advantage for fleas and ticks - could that have an effect? The vet advised us to change - said that she had seen animals using Frontline who still had fleas, as they are becoming immune to it. He had some small patches of hairloss before we switched, but the big area on his back has only come afterwards.

I'll go back to the vet and see what she says.

No but I'll ask for one

Thanks for the idea I've just been reading more about it on the internet.

It doesn't match exactly what we have, but it's close. Nothing on the paws or legs, but he does have small patches on the top of his head. It started as small circles of hair being lost, and then spread to the big patch you can see on the photos. Sounds like a mixture of both types of demodectic mange.

Have you ever heard of the Peroxyderm shampoo we are using? Is it a treatment for mange?

bittybulldawg's picture

have you had his thyroid checked? Tubby was looking

very moth eaten and we went to the vet. Turns out she is hypothyroid. Since being on the pills her coat is coming back in and she looks a lot better.
If you breed....rescue

I'd change his food and shampoo..

What are you feeding him? I think I would change his food and see if that makes a difference. I'm not familiar with the shampoo you are using, but I'd switch to Malaseb Shampoo and bathe him every three days rather than every day.

What flea/tick preventative are you using and how often?

Has your vet done a skin scraping for demodex?

I agree with Teresa. It looks a lot like demodectic mange. Dolly had very thin hair, practically bald on one side of her body when her mange was at its worst. A skin scraping would provide the answer if mange is the problem. Good Luck! You've got a handsome boy!

My bully

Riley is losing his hair also, but with no bald spots it looks as though he is left with under coat? I have noticed his paws are irritated and the licking spreads to his face which is very thin and void of hair. I have an appointment with Dermatologist next month until then I am using Malaseb pledget wipes 2 x day on feet and face - I don't know what to do and I personally think it is a grass allergy. We are in south Florida I don't know where you are. I s your dog itchy? I have been known to give Benadryl for that. Keep us updated..

wow, that's some difference; I was just looking at the little sp

I don't have any ideas, but I sure do hope someone here can help. I can understand how concerned you must be. Please keep us updated. At least it doesn't seem to be bothering him.

no the dark streak is the abnormal part

He's normally all the same colour! The dark streak on his shoulders and back is the bit I'm worried about. It's symetrical so it doesn't look too bad unless you know that it's not normally like that. When you look closely, the whole area is very thin, almost bald.

Here's a "normal" picture before the skin problem

the dark streak is just his natural hair color, right?


I don't know, but it kind of looks like Lucy's demodex spots

Has your vet looked into that possibility?

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