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Safe Indoor Temperatures

Like everyone else here, I am trying to be as fuel and energy efficient as possible. My question is what are the safest, yet efficient, temperatures to keep my thermostat set to for heating and air conditioning to keep my bully healthy? I know when I am home I will keep the temp a little warmer or cooler, but I am trying to find a good setpoint for when no one is in the house...besides the dog. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Mike and Dozer

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Entirely dog-specific... =)

Grover does fine at 80*. He doesn't even break into a pant when it's it's 90*. He's very conditioned to the warmer weather, and I don't crank up the A/C like I used to when he was a pup. (We're in CT - not exactly desert heat, but certainly gross in the summer IMO.)

Of course, it's a trade off. He shivers in winter... I guess I need to move south.

Anyway, while some dogs break into a pant at 75*, others might not. Just do what you think works best.

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We keep our air on 71 and also have fans on the floor that our gang loves to lay in front of. Keeps the cool air circulating and the dogs cool as well.


Well thank you for everyone's opinion. I guess I got the answer that I expected...every Bully is different. I will just play with the tempertures and see what Dozer can handle. Thanks again for your opinions and I am glad to be back on the board...its been a while since I have been on and I miss reading and learning!

Mike and Dozer

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I think our guys are conditioned to warm weather since...

we live in the desert. We keep our air set on 80 and they never pant. The pretty much stay inside but we do take them to the mountains a lot in the summer where it's cooler.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

I keep it at 73 or my guys pant

Mostly Junior and Bentley need it cooler. Teddy sleeps under a blanket. I don't think I've ever seen him pant. Belle and Roxy could stand it to be a little warmer.

I think it really depends on the house.....

My sisters house is great set at 77* and my house is hot at 77*. We usually keep the AC set at 74-75 and we keep our heat set at 73 in the winter. We also use our ceiling fans to keep it cooler during the summer.

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75 normally but each dog is different, our WInnie needed

it colder to be comfortable...more like 72. We were cold!

I set my temp at 77-78

My house usually stays between 77-78 whether anyone is home or not, summer & winter. Hope that helps. If you leave it set it usually takes less energy to heat or cool the house because it is maintaining it at that temperature all the time instead of having it off and then turning it on so the unit has to work harder to heat or cool (thats what my a/c guy told me. So our unit pretty much never gets actually shut off, it is programmed at 77 or 78.

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