Runny Nose ????

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Runny Nose ????

Why would my 10 day old puppy have a runny nose? His had it all day today?

It is clear & white.

Seems like after I feed him his milk is coming out of his nose. These is an ongoing thing since yesterday.

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what color is the discharge

If it is other than clear get him to a vet.

So if this is problem right now

is there anything I can do to help it aside from plunging his nose?

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same thing can happen. Bottles can be more dangerous

if the hole is to big.

How about

if we are feeding him with a bottle??

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Do you have an infant nasal aspirator

Suction out the nose, that puppy is aspirating milk when it drinks. A couple tips never take a puppy of a nipple when it is drinking as that causes aspiration you have to break the seal with your finger. You can try putting a better drinker on the nipple for a minute before putting this puppy on which primes the pump so to speak and they don't have to suck so hard if they don't have the hang of swallowing and breathing in rythm yet. Keep a close watch and if you see any distress, weakness, or hear any congestion get them to a vet.


Runny Nose

It could come from anything. Give this post some time and you should receive some informative responses.

I can tell you that my bully is 9 months and always has a runny nose.
About 3 months ago the discharges turned milky and he came down with kennel cough. (This does not mean that your dog contracted kennel cough)
My bully also has allergies so that contributes to his runny nose also.

Keep an eye on it and any other changes in your bully's behavior. Of course a trip to the vet doesn't hurt

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