Reverse sneeze while eating...

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Reverse sneeze while eating...

This almost gave me a heart attack. Molly was eating and then she started with a reverse sneeze. I immediately started to stroke her throat so she would swallow what she was eating, and then it went away. This was the second time this happened. I was so afraid she would choke. I think I did the right thing. Why would this happen? Any suggestions on what I should do if it happens again? Thank you everyone!! I appreciate your help.


You could also try putting something in the bowl so she has to eat around it. We put a ball in there to stop the food inhaling. Our pup ignored it for about 2 weeks but then he fingured out he'd rather play with it then it. Good luck!


Thank you so much. I have raised her dish in the past but will raise it a little more. She does eat like a shark! I'm wondering if I buy a bigger bowl if she will have to eat slower.

Reverse Sneeze

Our male used to do this. I found that he was doing it when he was eating his food really fast. He had his neck down in the food bowl and was scarfing his food like it was his last supper. We lifted his bowl so that he doesn't have to put his face in it to eat. This has helped alot.

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