Rash on belly and back legs

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Rash on belly and back legs

Our puppy has a rash of some kind (small red bumps) on his belly and his back legs...all near his backend. I've used a Listerine-soaked towel on it for the last few days, once a day, but I'm not sure that its going away. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it...although he does scratch once in a while. Please advise.

Great advice

I did just what everyone said to do and it cleared up on my Boy. You might want to look at the archives/Search option and get some pointer's and also if you have not stocked up on all the remedies/required things to have for your baby.

Good luck and enjoy your Bully..

Try dusting it with...

gold bond medicated powder. It will usually clear up allergy rashes in a day or so.

Sounds like contact dermatitis..

The baby is laying on something that he/she is allergic to or it is irritating the skin. Most likely it's the laundry detergent your using to wash his bedding. Tide is the absolute worse for skin irritation. It could also be the detergent you wash your floors with or if you have recently cleaned your carpets. Outside it could be lawn fertilizer or weed killer. It's a process of elimination but I would start with changing laundry detergents and be sure to keep washing his belly with warm water wash's and no soap or shampoo..BTW, just use dog shampoo's on your baby..No Johnson no more tears baby shampoo


Could be allergies if he's been outside~ maybe lying on his belly. Our Madison had one last week and I cleaned it every day with baby wipes, put neosporin on the area and gave her benadryl.. It was gone within a few days.. Hope this helps.

jenifer and Madison

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