Rash in Arm Pits

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Rash in Arm Pits

Just noticed that my guy has developed a red, dry, blotchy rash under either front arm now it seems to be starting on his belly. Any thoughts?

How much Gold Bond

Do you recommend putting the Gold Bond just on the effected areas, or over the whole body?

Our guy gets the same red rash under his one arm pit and groin area over the summer months. This is the second summer now. Hope it helps.

Re: Rash in arm pits

Several weeks ago I noticed the blanket my young female was laying on had a bit of blood staining and jumped to the conclusion she was in heat (wishful thinking....) When I turned her over, her belly from the armpits back to her 'lily' was red, raw and it was her nipples bleeding! Gasp!
She had also earlier that day been laying in the grass and doing a 'combat crawl' to scratch her underside, I'd never seen her do that before.
I washed & dried her off, put Neosporin on her and dusted with Gold Bond, then started 10 days of Keflex and Benedryl. It almost cleared up only to return after a ride in the car for an outting.
It was my hubby that figured out it was the same wool blanket she had been on earlier. We think she is allergic to wool and will keep her far away from it now.
Good thing she isn't a Herding dog!

Likely caused by something he's in contact with...

If he's just recently begun laying on the lawn, then he may have some sensitivity to grass, or something put on/in the grass, such as fertilizer or bug spray. If he's been laying on the furniture or the wool carpet more recently, try putting a cotton sheet under where he usually camps out, and wash it frequently.

I agree, dust him liberally with the Gold Bond Medicated Powder...it will help the redness/itch and also absorb some perspiration. You might also try giving one Benedryl tablet in the AM to see if that helps, especially if he's itchy on that belly. There are anti-itch sprays but they usually contain a mild steroid, and its best to avoid steroid use unless you cannot get relief any other way.

Dust it with gold bond medicated powder...

and it will probably go away. Probably a contact allergy, grass, detergent, rug shampoo, etc.

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