question on vet diet Purina OM or the Royal Canin Calorie Control

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question on vet diet Purina OM or the Royal Canin Calorie Control


My bulldog needs to be on a diet. He is short and stocky and weighs 67lbs. He is starting to limp on his right leg and vet recommend that we put him on a diet. He has been on the weight control of Wellness super5 mix, but vet said to put him on a veterinary diet either the Purina OM or the Royal Canin Calorie control(High Fiber or the other choice High Protein). I wasn't too impress with the Purina OM ingredients

and was leaning toward the Royal Canin Calorie control, now would the high fiber be better or the high protein?


Royal canin calorie chicken based I think..

so that should you do want to change food

Nelia Duarte - Zoom Bulldogs's picture

oh never mind.. what Jen said :-)..........n/m

Nelia Duarte

Nelia Duarte - Zoom Bulldogs's picture

... diet...

personally, if my bulldog was doing well on a food (gastrointestinal, coat, etc) I would not change it.  I would however reduce the amount of food you are giving and make up the difference in volume with green beans (canned).  If the dog won't eat just green beans, add 1 tbsp of cottage cheese for flavor.

He will still feel full and won't have to go through the stress of changing foods (especially if the "vet diet" is not an improvement on ingridients).

I know it's easier for vets to fall back on "veterinary diet" but managing volume is sometimes a better option.

Nelia Duarte

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We tried a prescription weight reduction food for...

Chester and wound up with an infected, gunky tail pocket, tear stains and itchiness. We switched back to his grain free food and he cleared up in a few weeks. We just cut 1/4 cup of his regular food and added cooked green beans instead.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

I have my pugs on the royal canin calorie control but works bett

seriously is the green bean diet
leave your dogs on the food they are on
but cut back and fill them up with the green beans
it works faster
and the dogs love the green beans

I have my pugs on the royal canin weight control..a lot of good research has gone into that food. they have been on awhile although not seeing much change yet. it is a slow process.

Bella lost 6 pounds last year and Gus lost 5 pounds over 3 months....just by increasing their excersise outside with a jolly ball and teaser ball. they both look great here..and I never changed their food at all.


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Personally, I wouldn't switch foods if he's doing well on it

I'd cut back serving size and exercise can always supplement with green beans if he seems hungry

Wellness also has Wellness Core, Reduced Fat - it's a grain free kibble my Dixie used to eat that and did well on it - she is 65 lbs and only ate 1/2 cup ONCE a day

[linked image]

thank you for all advices, but the problem is this

he doesn't like to eat green beans, can, frozen or fresh. I have to literally handfeed him at each meal. due to his overbite, he can't chew dry food so we soak his food and kind of ball it up with some boiled chicken and handfeed him. He'll sniff each time to make sure there is chicken before he eats it out of our hand. It takes half an hr to feed him 1 cup of dog food and he eats 2 times a day. He does play with the jolly ball aboug 20-30 minutes each day, but he has been limping lately so we have reduced some excercise. The problem with cutting back is that he has to me on lots of medication(high dosages 3x a day) to treat his ecoli that he has for life due to the extra sacs near his prostate that cannot be removed surgically. Right now he is on the Wellness weight control and I don't think we should cut back either, I mean with all the meds he's taking and one good kidney, he should enjoy what he can in life, don't you think? I'll just tell the vet to put the prescription in his file so it's up to us to choose to order or not. Thank you for all your input.

LOL yea me too...Jen got it

all thinking the same thing at the same time..
and posting about the same time
great minds do think alike

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Great minds think alike - huh!! LOL

LMBO!!! I'd stay away from canned green beans though..usually too high in sodium - unless you buy salt free or rinse them real good first

I used frozen string beans and run them under warm water in a strainer - during hot Summer months I use frozen regular green beans and leave them frozen as a cool snack

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