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Question on Size

I have an almost 10-month old bulldog who is the absolute light of my life! She is the most happy dog I've ever known, and the most spoiled. I have a question about her size. She is on the small size for a bitch, just a few ounces under 40 pounds and we're told, by the vet and others, that it is unlikely she will get any bigger. I was just wondering if being small will potentially cause any health problems down the road for her. Her parents are both pretty normal weight, mom is around 50 and dad about 60.

Here's a picture from about 4 weeks ago, she was just a couple ounces lighter than she is now.

Thanks for your input,


Our girl was also 40 lbs at 10 months. She is now 18 months and weighs all of 42lbs. I don't know if most bulldogs are done growing this early. I don't have the knowledge or background that many of the people on this board have and this issue has me a little confused. Many people post messages, worried about how small their 40lb. female is when as previously posted that is the standard. There does seem to be a desire by a few people to breed larger bulldogs but I think you have a great bulldog there. Maybe other people can explain the difference between the standard weight and the weight people are breeding for if there is one. Take Care


She looks PERFECT to me!! Very sweet girl.

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bitches should weigh 40 to 45 pounds.....

be happy they are so much easier to pick up and snuggle when they are standard.

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She is in size according to the Standard...

Stand for bitches is supposed to be btwn 40 and 50 lbs which most bullies today exceed b/c of the heavier bone of today's bullies but at 10 months old and being just under 40 will have her maturing by 2 at about 44 to 46 most likely....I have a little one too who weighs about 44 lbs...she is as healthy as any of my other dogs.
Lorraine E.

Standard weight

Quoted from the Official Breed Standard:

"Size - The size for mature dogs is about 50 pounds; for mature bitches about 40 pounds."

Regardless of what people may prefer or what is winning in the show ring, responsible breeders should ALWAYS do their best to breed towards the Standard. The tough thing is, size is simply one issue, and there are so many aspects of the Standard to take into account. The perfect bulldog has yet to exist, and likely never will.

Be proud of your standard-sized girl!

Not sure about a chart

but if you check the AKC breed standard, I believe (it was a while back I read it) the grown weight for males is between 50-60 pounds.

Standard for Males?

Rocky is 5/12 months and he weighs 30lbs. What is the standard for males? I cannot seem to find a chart but based on what i read on this site, he seems underweight?

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