Question about ingrown eyelashes

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Question about ingrown eyelashes

Stanley eyes have been tearing a lot lately, I thought it was allergies at first but after 2 months of his eyes tearing I realized it was something else besides allergies. I feed him Natrual Balance Duck and Potato and was giving him Benedryl and the tearing was not getting better. We took him to the doctor and he had 5 ingrown eyelashes, the doctor plucked them out. My question is will these eyelashes grow back? His eyes are still tearing, he had the eyelashes plucked out 3 days ago. Has anybody gone through this with their babies?


My one had a terrible problem with her eye and it took several doctor visits to have the right doctor find this eyelash growing inward instead of out... He talked about having it fused if he couldn't get it but thank goodness he did and plucked it right out. Fingers crossed, it has not come back...

late in responding to this thread, but farcus has the same probl

a couple of months ago, but way more have grown back and we're taking him in for another plucking. i may ask about this cryo thing.

I agree with Sue... my Peggy-Sue has her eyelashes plucked

whenever the lashes grow back ,or should I say 'wiped out' as they are so soft they just need a gentle wipe with a clean tissue & they're gone!! the Vet used to do it for me (untill I decided I could give it a try...EASY) he said that as she only gets 2 on the top & one on the bottom plus the fact they come out so easy he would'nt risk putting her 'under' for an Op, The first time the Vet saw her & plucked them he said "sometimes they grow back & with some dogs they don't" well, of course Peggy's grow back!! that's a Bully for Ya!! She seems to get instant relief when they are done though,I hope this helps a bit, Good Luck

Sandy,Peggy-Sue & Berkeley

Yes, they can grow back if the root is not killed.

The common treatment for distichia as done by a veterinary ophthalmologist is to have the cryo wand applied to the lids using a very specific instrument similar to the old-fashioned eyelash curling "scissor" apparatus, and that treatment kills the roots of the hairs so they cannot grow back. In the process of this, the lid-lash area will be swollen for a few days after the cryo procedure, and occasionally the dark pigment of the edge can turn "pink" in a small spot, but the greater problem of the errant hairs is solved. They usually just fall out after the root is treated but sometimes the hairs need to be plucked out that one last time. If there are only a few hairs and your regular vet feels they can be easily plucked out, its worth trying in my opinion, but if the dog needs to be sedated or under general anesthesia, then I would choose to have the cryo procedure done to be sure the inwarding growing hair problem is solved once-and-for-all.

Sonia - I have the same problem with Buddy

Sue contacted me and asked me to post. With the eyes still tearing I'd guess there is still another eyelash in his eyes. Also the eyelashes will grow back again. Buddy has cluster seizures so we have done everything we can to avoid surgery. Sometimes we've taken him to the vets every two weeks to get the eyelashes pulled. They eye doctor plucked them the first time but after that we've taken him to the regular vet. Some suggest having them frozen but they will grow back then too. I think the only thing that stops them completely is to cauterize them. It has been at least two months now since they've grown back. This is a record for us. Please feel free to E-mail me if you need any more info. Did the vet give you any meds to put in his eyes. They also may still be irratated. [email protected].

Betty,Buddy, MightyDog and Mardi

Thanks :)

I will do the search

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no experience but

from what I have read from others and from a friend who was a vet tech for canine eye drs, when lashes are plucked, they usually grow back and have to be replucked again. I think it varies by dog as to how long in between pluckings.

Someone on this site has had their dogs lashes plucked a few times. Don't remember who though. She may not even post here anymore.

Do a google on distichias (the formal name). Maybe you can find more info.

Sue and Sumo

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