Puppy Littermates Fighting ....Normal?

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Puppy Littermates Fighting ....Normal?

I have 2 beautiful 9 wk old pups from the same litter (male & female). I have had them 1 week now and they are wonderful.

When they are together they fight al the time. Sometimes it is playful tug of war, wrestling, etc. They seem to have non-threatenaing body language (they raise their butts, roll over, etc).

I understand is "play", but often times they are REALLY rough (some very loud squeals, locking jaws, one tiny spot of blood once on her face). If one pup is clearly winning, I DO break it up. Is it ok to intervene? Any thoughts?


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OMG...tooo cute!!!

Come see my online photo albums http://public.fotki.com/a5hley/

What cuties~!!!


Elaine - great advice - here is a photo of them fighting "nice"

Excellent advice, you sound like an expert!

Great website - thanks

I have seen other websites that really look down on raising littermates. "Diamondsintheruff.com" had some good tips and was fairly written. I know it isn't easy to raise littermates, but I plan on making it 100% postitive and as I am seeing...it is A LOT of work, but SO much fun.



Raising littermates is different then raising a single pup and not just because of the double work.
Lots on the internet but if you go to www.diamondsintheruff.com, under Behavior FAQ'S, there is an article to get you started.

Normal, tho active pups.

If they were with their dam (mother) she would likely break it up sometimes, but since they are both the same age and approximate weight, they will settle whatever argument/game themselves. You're right to only intervene when it becomes unbalanced, and then separating (and possibly kennelig both) would give them a clue that its time to stop. You can't decide which pup will be the "alpha"...its something they work out between themselves and once they do, you have to respect that natural order of things. When there is an alpha dog, that is the one you greet first, call his/her name first, give treats to that alpha dog first, but of course both dogs eventually get the same amounts of food, petting, and attention, just in order. "Sharing" is a human concept and not applicable in the dog world, so you just confuse the issue if you want them to 'take turns'...trust me on this, life is smoother when the alpha is established and maintained. That is, of course, acknowledging that YOU are the SUPREME ALPHA. Ha

Obviously they are "flawed" so get rid of them...send them to me

Ha. Two cuties alright.

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