puppy gasping for air

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puppy gasping for air

ok, this is my first time with pups and i have 3 of'em. one of my pups is gasping for air. The pup also threw up the milk from its nose? could that be that he isnt getting enough oxygen? im looking for a 24hour emergency vet right now. the pup only weighs 8.2 ounces while the others weigh nearly 12 ounces. i live in the dallas tx area. please provide information on this

Sorry for your loss.

These are very fragile little pups and sometimes there are internal problems as well...things we cannot see that inhibit proper digestion, or lungs that are not fully developed/functional. Don't berate yourself...you did what you could. Kisses to the other babies!

sorry to hear

may have aspirated. Was the tube placement checked after being inserted to make sure you were in the stomach?

Re: puppy passed

puppy passed

Im sorry that im posting this a bit late but on the same day at exactly 20minutes after i had posted about my puupy gasping for air, he died. My girlfried had tried to tube feed him but he kept throwing up the milk. We were trying to get him to an emergency but as we were on our way, he just stopped breathing. It sucks, but had it just been 15minutes earlier before we left, then maybe we couldve gotten him to there in time. Now we just have two boys left and decided that we are not going to sell them or give away. But thanks

Try to clear his nostrils,

keep him warm (perhaps laying against your chest?) and sounds like he's inhaled milk. Do you know how to tube-feed? Do you have the equipment to do this?

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