puppy bubbling milk out of nose??

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puppy bubbling milk out of nose??

I have a 1 week old bulldog puppy who has problems with milk coming out of her nose while nursing. The vet checked her at birth and said she did not have a cleft palate. I have never had this problem before and am not sure what to do. She is gaining weight and growing and it doesn't seem to bother her.What should I do?

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Re: puppy bubbling milk out of nose??

With our puppy who had nasal regurgitation, I made sure he was upright for feedings--I held him in place and constantly wiped his nose with tissues. I was told that pulling them off breaks the suction and that's when milk can be aspirated. He began solid food (scrambled eggs and cottage cheese) at 3 weeks and was completely off mom and eating canned dog food (adult chicken) at 4 weeks. He's over 4 months old now and doing very well. Good luck and all good wishes.
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I had been told the same thing.

as what Micki just said. Don't break the suction because it causes them to take a deep breath which can cause them to aspirate.

Makes sense to me.

She might be eating to fast

caution watch for phnemonia if it gets in the lungs
You have to slow her down on eating. Not easy to do been fighting it for 7 weeks. Make sure she keeps her head up while nursing. Nurse on top roll only watch her while she eats when she starts bubbling take her away for mom. You will after awhile be able to tell before she does that. You can tell by her stomach when she is full and you may just have to feed her more often and not as much at each feeding. I was feeding mine every 2 hrs for weeks.

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