Puking White Foam

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Puking White Foam

I've noticed several posts over the past few weeks about dogs vomitting white foam. Have any of you received a diagnosis or explanation? Newman has been doing it for a few weeks...he seems to feel just fine; he just pukes up the foam, and is back on his way.

white foam

My bulldog started throwing up white foam often when he was somewhere around 7 year old. my vet said pretty much the same thing. overactive digestive juices and nothing in the stomach to utilize them, so he would puke (almost like dry heaves, looked painful) and then only throw up a bunch of foam. We started giving him a hand full of kibble before he went to bed to help, although he still had this occasionally even with the kibble.

lots of water

my bullies seem to vomit white foam when they drink to much while they are excited. Everytime we go to the dog park Jewels runs to the water bowl, that I provide, and drinks water until she vomits white foam. The vet told me it is normal for dogs to drool or vomit white foam when they smell something they really like or really hate. (other dogs, smells, etc.) He said the vomit comes from her drinking water and the drool comes from the same thing but no water ingestion. Go figure, she has always been fine after she vomited-- Just too much water during all her excitement. Good luck!!

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"shouldn't have to..."....Sorry


Koby was puking white foam just one time several days ago, we le

checked him and she said this is normal and we should have to concern it too much as long as his is still eating and playing normal..!

Same thing

We switched to this food too because of that and it has been GREAT!

If the dog is vomiting in the AM, before breakfast or just after

then I'd say it has a gastric reflux problem. Sometimes this is because the dog has had an empty stomach for too long (doesnt' get a bedtime treat, stomach empty for 12hrs or more)...and this can be remedied by a bedtime snack or couple cookies, generally equal to 1/4 cup dry food. A few dogs that have this often have been given a Tums in the AM, either before breakfast or with their meal.

I have also found that my own dogs do better on the larger size chunks of dry dogfood...they seem to inhale the small bits and then choke/vomit some back.

Re: Puking White Foam

We experienced this alot with our Gracee. We changed her food from Pro-Plan Chicken & Rice to Pro-Plan Sensitive Stomach/Sensitive Skin Food and the white foam puking disappeared !! Vet could find nothing medically wrong with Gracee so we switched her food and it worked.

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