Post op cherry eye

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Post op cherry eye

Lucy had cherry eye surgery (pocket procedure to preserve gland) on Thursday, along with being spayed. When I picked her up yesterday, she had one of those goofy lampshade things on her head to keep her from scratching at her eye. That didn't surprise me--but them telling me to keep it on there for TWO WEEKS was unexpected. I didn't talk to the vet, just an assistant (who didn't give me the greatest after care instructions). Just wondering if the 2 week time frame is standard practice. I'm afraid to leave her in her kennel (in the garage) all day with that thing on---she gets it stuck on everything as she's walking around.

LOL......she's too fat........

She can't really get at her spay incision. Her back legs can't reach it to scratch and she can't get her head twisted around that acutely to bite at it either. She can't even keep herself.....umm....clean.....down there. I have to wipe her belly with baby wipes every day when I do her wrinkles. I'm not taking it lightly, though--trust me she has not been out of my sight in 36 hours. That's why I planned her surgery for the day I did--so I could be home with her for the first several days. Thanks for your response!

ok ya never know..

My boy is too fat to reach anything also but I see alot of athletic bullies on this baord so ya just never know!
Hugs to the pooch!

Thanks everyone

I took it off this morning and have been watching her like a hawk all day. She's rubbed at it a few times, but stops if I tell her to. I think we're probably safe without it......

same here. my otis had his surgery march 2nd, no lampshade just

as long as he's not bothering it, he's fine. we limited his activity for 5 days and he healed in no time. (otis had the pocket procedure as well)

Re: Post op cherry eye

I also had cherry eye surgery done a fews ago and I asked my vet if I had to use it he said it wasn't necessary and just gave me the ointment but told me to watch him to make sure he wasn't bothering it. I would take it off and watch your babies reaction

We had the op on Mar 9.....

and Rudy came home without anything like that... just the antibiotic eye ointment to put in twice a day. I would think that if your little one doesn't seem to be bothered by it, then there is no reason to leave the guard on. If he's scratching it, or rubbing his face into the carpet then I could see the reasoning for it. Maybe keeping it off while you can watch his reaction? If he's not bothered, then I don't see why to use it.


I dont think the cone was for the cherry eye! It was likely given to stop her from getting to her spaying incision. You do not want her messing with this.
Yes those E-collars are no fun and they hate them but trust me it is alot safer to have that collar on her if you can not monitor her while you are gone than to come home to a bullie girl who has ripped out her incisions on her tummy and possibly scratched her eye (may end up with some permanent damage)
Can you fing someone to baby sit your bullie?
Also I use benadryl to keep them from sratching. At the very least..if you wont use the E-collar then maybe you can keep the dog sedated enough in the crate to prevent any injurys. ( the vets can also prescribe something) This is just my opinion.
Wish you the best!
I know it can not always been done but I never have my bullies or any dog have anything done unless i can stay with them till they are well enough to be trusted home alone.

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