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My bulldog puppy has pneumonia, he is currently in the hospital, this is his 3rd day there. Are there any bulldog owners out there that has encountered this problem, and how well did your bulldog recover?

Aspiration Pneumonia

Hendrix got Aspiration Pneumonia when he was about 2 months old. He spent 2 weeks in ICU and it was touch and go for the first 5 days. After coming home he spent another 3 weeks on antibiotics. He lost quite a bit of weight but had no problem catching up. He is now 7 months old and doing great!

Re: Pneumonia

Our 16 week old puppy spent three days in the hospital when she was 13 weeks old. They said it was a "very small spot" in one lung. (She also had an Upper Respiratory Infestion.) She was back to normal within three days of getting her home.

Oh poor baby!

My one year old had it a few weeks ago and luckily we caught it early so he only spent 24 hours in the hospital. After he was released he was on antibiotics and a bland diet for the next week. He's totally fine now.

How are his vitals? temp, etc?

First I have to ask....

Where did you get your dog? Local breeder, US breeder or an import from overseas.

With pneumonia is certainly can be touch & go with a bulldog. He could have gotten chilled during shipping (if that's the case) or he could have aspirated on some food causing the pneumonia.

I'll keep him in my thoughts.


Aspiration pneumonia

Chops got aspiration pneumonia and recovered very well from it. It's pretty scary those first few days though.

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