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Pancreatitis, please help

Good morning,

I just joined here because I was hoping to get medical help. My Shirley will be 3 in July. The past few days she has been extra lazybut I just assumed it was because it has been about 90 degrees here. Last night when I got home she threw up and would not touch her dinner. My girl never ever misses food. I tried to hand feed her cookies and she wouldn't even take that. She wouldn't drink either. I took her to the emergency vet and they said her pancreas levels were off and had a small fever. They gave her some medication and fluids through the skin. Honestly I have a hard time trusting emergency vets, I wonder if they make up problems to get as much money as they can. This morning she had diarrhea and refused an ice cube. I am trying to get in with my vet today. She's very lethargic and not her peppy self. Can anyone give me advice or a clue as to what is wrong with her? I am worried sick. I just want to know how to make her better. Thank you so much.



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Ok thank you!

Ok thank you!

My bulldog had pancreatitis.....

she was vomiting NON stop (9 times in an hour and a half) and drewling from the nausea.  She would NOT eat, but would drink, but that was no good cause she would just vomit it up.

I would say if her pancreas levels were off, then it is a good chance it is pancreatitis.  I did not believe my dog had it either because we did not feed her table scraps or anything that was very fatty, however, she did eat a squeeker from a toy and it did lodge in her intestines which cause the food to not be able to pass.  As a result, she developed pancreatitis.

She has NEVER had the problem since but we are careful with her diet.

Maybe she ate something she should not have?  Like a toy or something from the ground?

Your vet should be able to do a SNAP pancreatitis test and tell you if it is or not.

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Thank you for your help. She

Thank you for your help. She has only vomited once and that was last night. So this can also be caused by eating something she shouldn't have, like a toy?


My vet was also concerned because I bought a new bag of her food late last week. She was wondering if maybe it was a bad batch? She said to toss it just to be safe.


Thanks again

Send an e-mail

To Michelle (with Hooch).  She did a lot of research on pancreatitis in dogs and should be able to help you out.