Out of crate unattended - Help!

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Out of crate unattended - Help!

We have a 13-month old bully and have experimented twice with leaving her out of the crate unattended for a long period (more then a couple of hours). The first time, a couple of months ago, we left her baby-gated in the kitchen and the second time, last night, we left her in the living room with all other doors closed (she only had access to the living room). In both instances she literally chewed through the moulding on a door frame. We leave her with all her toys and the TV on. For times less than one hour she seems to do ok but anything longer than that and I guess she just goes bonkers. I realize this may be a sign of boredom or maybe anxiety but how can I get her to stop? Will I ever be able to leave my baby out of the crate?

Thanks for the input!



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I never had a chewer until Breve'

she tries to eat our brick wall. She is always in a crate if we cant watch her. She just started eating my lawn chair, it looked like snow the other day, she is so quiet about it too.

Bella just sat and watched, Bosco who never did anything wrong was laying on top of it trying to sleep while she pulled his 65 pounds butt around the yard.

We have a bid ugly crate in the living room for her to sleep in, she knows when it is bed time and goes to bed. The others sleep in it during the day too.

Vicky, Bosco, Bella & Breve'

Out of crate

Lily was one year old February 8 and as of this past tuesday started leaving her out when we are at work. so far so good. I have another dog an 8 year old pug mix and 7 cats so she isn't bored. I close all the doors upstairs so they just have the first floor to play in. She really never chewed furniture and so far these past few days have been really great.

Abbey always is crated when unattended.

she is nine months old and chews anything she can get into her mouth. For our furnitures safety as well as her own safety, she goes in her crate. She has now started treating it as if it were her house, she goes in there by her self when she naps sometimes. My three year old Boston goes in the crate as well. I would be scared he might get something and choke, especially since I have two boys and am contantly pulling Legos and wooden blocks out of our dogs mouths!

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