oscar is having surgery on monday!!

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oscar is having surgery on monday!!

so Oscar is having entropion surgery on Monday. He is getting both eyes done, top & bottom sad.gif

Any post-surgery suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am a nervous mama

Maria & soon-to-be FrankenOscar

Roxy had her eyes done Monday

Our 7month old Roxy had both of her eyes done on Monday and she is pretty much back to normal as of today... the only thing she did was try to rub her eyes on the grass in the backyard (she wouldn't do an E-Collar)...

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Entropian surgery

Hi I have chinese sharpei and bulldogs. Probably four out of the 8 shar-epi that I ahve had had this typed of surgery. My very first dog, Chance I had his eyes done by my regular vet, my kids at the time were 6 ad 12. We went to pick Chancie up and his eyes had PURPLE sutures and he looked like an alcoholic. They over corrected them and he suffered the rest of his life with dry eye and always red. The others I learned better and took them to an ophthalmic specialist and he is wonderful. The best thing I have ever done for them. They look great. After care was easy, just put the neo,poly bac in their eyes for the few days after surgery. They healed quickly without too much trouble. It's so routine for me now that I don't even worry, but having such a wonderful vet to do it makes it easy too.

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Please let me know how it goes and if it helped. Good prayer's for you and your baby.

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What brought you to have the surgery? I mean what were the symptoms? I know it's because the lid rolls in but how did they fix it? Does it look normal now?

keep the cone on and do warm compresses in the morning..

Warm wet compress in the AM when he first wakes up in the morning will help soften the crust that develops during the night and glues his eyes shut. The warm compress feels good. Don't rub. Vet will probably have you use ointment a couple of times a day.

Keep the cone on even if he doesn't like it. He will like it less if he has to go back to the vet to repair ripped out stitches from rubbing his face on furniture or carpet.

If you take off the cone for water and meals, watch him closely!

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No advice but...

Sending good wishes your way! Keep us posted on Oscar.

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My Oscar had his eyes done years ago and...

he was fine, they didn't put the collar on him, but wrapped his back feet in ace bandages to prevent him from scratching at hie eyes. Make sure they are using Isoflurane (or Sevoflurane) gas for the surgery. Don't feed him 12 to 18 hours before surgery to prevent vomiting and aspiration. Make sure that someone is with him until the breathing tube is out and he's breathing on his own. I'm sure you will be more of a wreck than he will!

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

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Does anyone have pictures of their dog before and after?

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great advice as always

thank you!!!! I am so nervous for Monday, but reading everyones stories & advice is so helpful happy.gif

I know this will make Oscars life so much better & I can't wait until he is happier & not constantly going at his eyes.

I will let everyone know how it goes on Monday. Right now, we are off to enjoy this beautiful weekend. Going to try a dog park for the first time. I finally found one close to us. Yay!!!

Have a great weekend

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