oscar is going to the opthomologist

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oscar is going to the opthomologist

I made an appt. for Oscar to go to the opthomologist since my vet said he has entropian, but the soonest date I could get is May 1st!! Around his right eye is very pink & he keeps pawing it. Since the appt. isn't for a month, does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do? sorry this picture is so blurry, Oscar wouldn't sit still happy.gif

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Keep the eye lubricated

Since the lids are rolling in toward the eye, the danger is the lashes rubbing against the eye and causing irritation and trauma. The trauma can lead to an ulcer. I suggest using an eye ointment to help protect the eye until surgery can be performed. You might want to call the Opthamologist and see what they recommend.

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