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new pup

First I want to thank everyone on there site for all their info. I feel I have a place to come to when problems Adminse and I know they will.

I did not buy the pup from the gentlemen in vegas his breeder name was xxxxbulls. I felt to pressured and I was getting alot of bad vibes after that I was not willing to give him my personal info as my contact are extemely private.I think this gentlemen should be careful about what he tells people about his pups and not boost about things that can`t be true.

I have several recommendation from the Long Island breeders club and will check them all out today.Plus I have a good breeder from New Jersey that has beautiful pups.

Again I thank all of you for all your advice it was well taken.

Lucille Mannix

From one end of the spectrum to the other.

When you posted a week or so ago about getting a Russian Import puppy we all told you it would be a huge mistake. From going from the very bottom of the spectrum to the top, I guess you you now know the difference between a Breeder that "doesn't" care about where their puppies come from or where they go to one that is a good breeder and "does" care. If your going to purchase a good puppy from a good breeder, just giving them your name, shipping address and your money is not going to be close to being enough. Many, including myself, even ask for Vet. references and yes, CALL them to find out what kind of Mother you have been to your past or present pets.
Just remember, if a Breeder just wants the $'s..they have not cared much about the raising of their babies and most likely have received minimum Vet care, low end food and care and do not have the puppies best interest at heart. Hence, no questions asked. But when you find a Breeder that has given them the best of care (quality food, care, Vet care, ect.)they are going to make darn sure the new owner is going to give them the same treatment and are worthy of having one of their babies.
Posting about our "Webbie" only raised our opinions of him (if they could get any higher . It would be very interesting to see if he had even considered you as a home for one of his babies and his reasons or his "gut feelings". However, I can't imagine him ( I have known him for about 8 or 9 years now) ever negatively posting something publicly about anyone let alone a prospective family for one of his puppyies.
I must say, when you make bad decisions, you make them BIG !!!

Re: Tulsa was one of my picks. She's very nice.

Yes I will show her. I've never shown before,I'm a little nervous. I have been to bulldog shows before.
I grew up with bulldogs. My husband and I have had them as pets for 17 years. I just never had a show quality dog.
I did have my first litter of puppies in Nov. Mimi my bulldog I have now didn't have any health issue's. She is my fist bulldog without skin, eye, problems. She has been a blessing. You can see my litter at They all have gone to their new homes. I have received weekly photo's since they have been gone. I really miss them. I cried everytime one left!! Also everyday since they left!! It was really hard to let them go!!

Yes You Did Make a bad judgement call here and now maybe you sho

a public apology here also.
Our webmaster is a personal friend of mine and he just is doing all that a really good breeder should do with the questions and wanting references. If you want a good pup from a good breeder you will have to give out this information or you will not get one or if you do it will be a problem pup from a not so good breeder.

Me too!!Those r great lines!!!

And Im in love with that "Zorro"!!The  educational support he could offer u and your pup would be endless!!


yes sharron, great post!!

very well stated...


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lucky duck!


Tulsa was one of my picks. She's very nice.

Will you show her?


Re: WOW..I'd give my right arm for

I didn't have to give my right arm, but close!!
I'm getting Tulsa, and I can't wait!!

Lucille...please read

Hi Lucille,
As you now know, badmouthing any breeder on this forum is not allowed. You probably didn't know that and I know you won't do it again in the future. If you have questions about a breeder you can e-mail webby privately & he'll let you know if he knows anything good or bad about them. You can e-mail me privately too as I know many of the breeders on the east coast, I'm in Massachusetts.

This site is a wealth of information. Please don't feel that you can't come here & ask questions just because you made a mistake. People here are very forgiving. We'll be glad to help you in any way we can.

Sue Beaupre

GREAT post Sharon. Right on!!! n/m


Have to agree with the rest

I would love to have one of his pups. Any good breeder will ask a lot of questions, they do care about where their pups go.

Sorry, its your loss, not only does he have great pups but the Webbie is an endless source of information and contacts.

bittybulldawg's picture

Wrong thing to say the wrong place!!! n/m

If you breed....rescue

bittybulldawg's picture

ME...ME...I'll take it n/m

If you breed....rescue

Re: Yes You Did Make a bad judgement call here and now maybe you

It is he you should be sorry for what he did you me. I am glad that he is your good friend but, that still dosn`t make my experience with him a good one. >>>>>>>

Well then if yoru looking for that good experience where all you get asked for is yoruname and a check, you wont find it with to many ethical breeders, but you will find a puppy liek that out there... there is places where you can buy a dog with a name and check and no more...

but its not here, and if you dont have a good feeling about someone wanting info for a potential life long home where one of there dogs may end up, then you have more problems than looking for a dog!

i was not rude, i was inquiring as you were..i even wished you luck with whatever dog you did find after i declined you! yoru pushing the limits real hard!! this is my litter and i will decide who or where they go to, and i will ask the questions i deem needed for me to make that decision, and you wont find a ethical breeder out there anywhere to dispute that! or say that is wrong! i dont need to defend my position, but its considered very rude and down right wrong to come here and post crap like this of any breeder!! its even a forum violation...anyone else would have been do have a lot yet to learn and i wish you luck with it..


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WOW..I'd give my right arm for

one of NevaBulls puppies. I'd be the one "pushing" !!
You made a BIG mistake by not buying one of them !!!

What a shame..

You still don't understand that asking for references' is only done to protect his puppy. He was NOT prying into your personal life and has done NOTHING to you. He is making sure that his puppy will have the best home he can find for him and your hesitation to give references is definately a RED FLAG..!!
I think Webbie has been very gracious under the circumstances..But I think you are pushing your luck with this last posting..

Re: Yes You Did Make a bad judgement call here and now maybe you

It is he you should be sorry for what he did you me. I am glad that he is your good friend but, that still dosn`t make my experience with him a good one.


Open mouth, incert foot, chew vigorously. As Sue said, badmouthing breeders is a no no around here, no matter who it is, but badmouthing our webby isn't going to sit well with a lot of people here.

You have to understand when a breeder "interviews" you as a prospective "parent" of one of their pups they are doing it because they want the best possible home for their pup. You should expect & WANT the 3rd degree. That way you know that the breeder is caring wants the absolute best family for their puppy. I had a pup to sell about a year ago & really put those people through the ringer. I asked about where they live, own a home, fenced in yard, schedule, ect. They willingly provided it & have been wonderful about keeping in touch & sending pictures.

If someone was hesitant about offering personal information to me they wouldn't get one of my pups. You can't fault a breeder for being to cautious. If more breeders were there would be less need for rescue.

Sue Beaupre

Hi! Stick with this and hopefully you will find the bully you wa

Sounds like you've made some pretty "loud" mistakes so far but that doesn't detract from the fact that you are learning what you need to do to look for the bulldog of your dreams or desires. You may relish and protect your privacy and those of us who are ethical, responsible breeders relish and protect our pupppies also. You don't or shouldn't just end up with a relationship with a bulldog puppy in your family at the end of finding the dog you should end up with the breeder being a part of your extended family he needs to know you to know what family his puppy may be living in if he/she goes to your home.
If you are not looking for a dog to show, but want a really good example of the breed, say that at the outset...there are plenty of puppies that for small reasons will not make it in ring competition but make wonderful handsome beautiful pets...the ring is a tough place to compete and not for the person who is just starting out in the breed and isn't sure they want to show. No one will think less of you...but no one will want to sell you their prime show prospect at an early age...If we are lucky we get one or two in a litter that are show prospects...and half of those don't turn out a lot of the time...heck, sometimes none of them turn out to be show ring winners a lot of the time.
There are bullies for everyone who wants to love and learn about this great breed of ours....the love part is the easy part....the learn part is the harder part b/c there is a lot to learn as you have quickly found out. You need to educate yourself on some of the health problems so you know what questions to ask the breeder...and maybe the breeders vet as you check them out. The breeder needs to know if you have a good track record of taking good care of any former pets, so he may want to check you out with your vet. Our breed shares health problems with breeds that have round eyes, excessive facial wrinkles, shortened breathing airways (bracyphallic breeds), heavy frames on short legs, odd tails, etc, etc, etc...they also have a good share of allergies as do other dogs and get all the myriad of things other dogs can get...but their bracyphallic status makes them poorer candidates for anesthesia and surgery, esp. if they have a breathing problem. It is sort of one of those breeds that is both "the best" of breeds and at times "the worst" of breeds to fall into a take off on the "Tale of Two Cities"...but a healthy bulldog is not at the "worst" end of the spectrum.
Thru. this website, which is obviously a bit touchy about people dissing our webbie...or other people who we know well after a while, you can learn sooooo much about the breed and get soo much help and advice when you do find your best friend bulldog and stop sort of crashing around like a bull in a china shop....hopefully the worst of that is behind you now.
If you stick with this search, despite all that has happened, then you may be a true bully person at heart!
Lorraine Eyth

Sue-Bear's picture

careful there

that gentleman is this websites webmaster. I think you may have just gotten yourself blocked from this site when he reads this. Bad mouthing breeders is unacceptable here, regardless of who the breeder is, and posts containing names are deleted.

He is a good, honest man and reputable breeder and one of my closest friends. He has healthy pups that come from good, strong lines. Breeders ask questions because they want to insure their babies are going to the best possible homes.

I also know your original post was untrue. You were not promised pick of the litter, let alone a pup, because he has 3-4 potential homes for his pup and is still in the process of choosing the best home. You were also not asked to send a deposit.

Sue and Sumo


I was going to make this suggestion back when you said you were going to put a deposit down on a pup the day after you decided not to get the Russian import, but I held my tongue.

So here's the suggestion: SLOW DOWN! There is a lot of research that needs to be done on this breed, and being in a rush to get your puppy is only likely to end up in heartbreak. You need to understand, first off, how to differentiate a reputable breeder from a disreputable one, and believe me, anyone who agrees to sell you a dog the first time you contact them on the phone or through e-mail is not reputable - most reputable breeders won't even have a pup available when you first contact them, since they only breed a few times a year.

Yes, you will be asked questions, expected to supply references, and maybe even agree to having the breeder over, if they're local, to see your home. If you take the attitude that you're a 'very a private person' and are hesitant to be straightforward, the breeder will want to know what you're hiding and will be unlikely to place the pup they planned for and loved and cared for from it's first day of life.

Likewise, the breeder should expect you to ask just as many questions. If you hear something that doesn't sound right, you need to know your stuff well enough to determine whether the breeder is full of it or not, as opposed to just assuming something is or isn't true. Case in point, I can't think of much that Webbie could say that would be boasting untruthfully about that litter, and I can think of a heck of a lot of pretty impressive things he could say that would be absolutely true, if not understatements. For instance, dad is a gorgeous example of the breed, and Grandpa is a few champions away from being the top-producing sire of all time - at last count he's sired 142 champs. What Webbie didn't even pat himself on the back about is his bitch - she's pretty dang nice, too, and comes from excellent bloodlines herself.

Having done breeder referral for one division in BCA, I can tell you that the vast majority of the heartbreaking stories I heard came from people who took the 'I want the puppy ASAP' approach to getting their pup and didn't take the time to research the breeder and pup thoroughly. I've seen people doing things like placing deposits on pups that weren't even born yet, paying with a credit card on a website, and having pups shipped air cargo to them without ever seeing or knowing much about the breeder or their dogs. All of these things can be recipes for disaster if you haven't researched the breed and breeder thoroughly. On the flip side, some of the happiest new owners were ones who had stretched their search out over the course of as long as six months or a year and had waited for the right breeder to have the right pup.

So, take my suggestions for what they're worth, but understand they are made by someone who has seen quite a bit and talked to a bunch of people on this subject. Best of luck in your search.


That is exactly what a good breeder should do!!

You have every right to decide who your babies go to!!! That is your job!
Good job for doing a good job!!!!

Kelly and Mr.Rocco Dubs giving big smooches. Chris we will always remember you!! Love you handsome!!

ya michel

i have not got to that part yet, yoru suppose to mail in yoru right arm next week to me also, forgot to tell you that


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well now!!! lol

never found my name at the center of a violation post!!

yes by forum rules you could be blocked immediately for posting the name of a breeder where a puppy was involved...however, i wont do that this time,since it was me. instead i just removed part of my name to keep teh post legal and to show im teh future doing that will result in being blocked.

however, i do feel offended at some of the things you said.. and i will *****expect you***** to clarify them since you opened this can!! i have the emails just as you do...

yes i ask 25 questions, and make no appology for doing that, and will do it anytime i consider someone for a puppy...this allows me to eliminate people who i dont feel good about based on what they say, BEFORE I EVEN start looking into things you was elimated for no referances...

yes i have 3 total people who have shown a interest in zorro...but let it be known that i have not commited him to no one still considering them and may refuse all 3.....In my opinion zorro is the MALE PICK OF THE LITTER as i stated to you, the choice of the 2 males is zorro!! if you look back the word "MALE PICK" was in your email..and i stand by that.. penny is staying with me, tulsa is going to a lady named michell who will show her. the only thing that is set in stone is penny stays with me and tulsa goes to michell...nothing else is this point...its going to be a few more weeks before i decide.

when a person emails me inquiring, if there serious i will provide information to them...but that is as far as it goes, anyone may email me and request to be considered for a puppy, im fair with anyone, but the big issue is you have to get past being screened then and only then will i look at the ones i feel good about and decide from there after being checked out, then i start looking into things, checking out things, and yes as i stated to you in email, i will check them out!! then i can choose the best possible home based on teh dog and what it needs... if i have50 people for one dog that means im going to be able to choose teh right home and place or he wont go to know one. period

You also said:
I did not buy the pup from the gentlemen in vegas his breeder name was xxxxbulls. I felt to pressured and I was getting alot of bad vibes after that I was not willing to give him my personal info as my contact are extemely private.I think this gentlemen should be careful about what he tells people about his pups and not boost about things that can`t be true.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

now you tell me what i BOOSTED that CANT be not happen...period...i boosted things that cant not be true???hmmmmm....zorro would be teh male pick, he is a beautiufl and healthy puppy, comes form very nice lines, his dad is ch imegas wanna talk about me, granddad is ch little ponds chief??? unless i feel off the bed and hit my head i consider them pretty good lines, and the litter clicked well..things i was looking for seemed to be there..and you feltpressured, by the reuqest for persoanl info and refreances....GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! that mean im getting through where i need to...that means im doing it right!!!i will take that as a compliment for sure!!!

i require refereaces, then yes yoru 100% right!!!!also never was any deposit mentioned that you had to send per what you posted in another post ( first off i DO NOT take depsoits and decline them, you pay for teh dog when its time, but never do i take deposits)...never was it said this dog was yours, based on a simple inquiry, heck in fact you come her and made a post saying you had a dog and was going to deposit, when you had at that time not even so much as filled out and returned my can not with any ethical breeder simply say you want a dog, send a check and that be it, without them asking questions, refreances,etc...and i did not promise him to you, and said i have others to and im taking it one at a time looking through them...where you got teh idea he was sold to you with no referances or no questioairre returned to me is beyond me???

you eliminated yoru self because there was no referances provided, because you had no intention ever of showing, becaise you did not provide all teh info i wanted..that was why you elimiated yoru self...i did not even get to check out things because you elimintaed yourself right there based on that..

and again im not sure why you said he was yoru dog,heck no one has heard that from me yet on not sure i fully liek any of the apps yet i have for him....we will see later... but yoru comments are grossly wrong, i have the emails to, from you and from everyone i talked with on this litter...i promised nothing that is not true as i assure you i dont need to do that to sell a puppy and would not do it.... i can also promise you i have had more total inquires than i have puppies by at least 10x

you also forgot to mention this, when you refused to tell me refreances i told you in a nice way that you would be eliminated, and even at the bottom of that email to you i said this: I WISH YOU LUCK AND KNOW YOU WILL FIND TEH RIGHT DOG, PLEASE SEND ME PICTURES AS I WOUDL LOVE TO SEE THEM OF YORU NEW PUPPY!!

so i was even nice in saying no!!! i make no appology for questions and checking thinsg out, none at all...and if i dont feel good it will not happen, that is my right as a breeder to choose based on several factors...and i make no appology for being tough on it... i dont want one of my dogs to ever be said they ended up in a puppymill, a rescue, or neglected...and until i feel good about a person i dont take those chances. geee!!


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