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Hi Everyone, I am a new member here. I have a 1.5 year old English Bulldog. Since December, he has been losing the hair on the sides of his body. As of now, all his hair is thinning out mostly on his back and sides but there are huge patches of skin with no hair (symetrical on both sides). We have had a TON of health issues with him. Goes to the vet all the time. Does anyone have any idea on what this could be? The vet said that it could be seasonal but I don't think so. It is not growing back - just fully naked on both of his sides (rib area).


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Could be

It could be a Thyroid issue.  A simple blood test would tell you and hopefully, if that is the issue, he can be put on a daily med that will help him out. 

Good luck

Occasionally this is caused

Occasionally this is caused by low thyroid and easily reversed with medication, but usually it's the seasonal flank alopecia that is only cosmetic and can take different courses.  SFA is sometimes helped with giving melatonin or using full spectrum lighting.  Sometimes it resolves on its own and other times continues for years with the skin turning black and new hair that finally grows in is black, too.   SFA does not affect the health.  Good luck!

Yes, Rocky had this and he had a thyroid problem

Once we got him on thyroid replacement medication it all cleared up and never came back


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That sounds just like Seasonal Flank Alopecia

It's not serious just cosmetic.

I googled a pic of it (my bully hasn't had it)  It's usually in the same spot on both sides.

I also found an article for you to read.

Getting them  in the sunshine as much as possible helps but lots of people also give melatonin to help the regrowth of the hair.  Hope this helps!




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Seasonal Flank Alopecia

Melatonin is the answer. 6mg-9mg per day.



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Here's a pic of my girl Winnie w/ SFA