Need help with chapped genitals.........

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Need help with chapped genitals.........

My male Bulldog has what looks like chapping on his testicles. There were a bunch of like hard rough spots on them. I noticed it today and thought it was dried up poo, so I gave him a bath and let that area soak for awhile and after the bath they ended up being like raw sores. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I put some bag balm on the spots. Should I have him checked? He is not around any female dogs at all and is ALWAYS kept on a leash with me if outdoors so I know he couldn't have contracted an STD or anything. Do you think it may be just chapping? It's the start of our winter season and just in the last week the temps have dropped tremendously. Also, he has recently decided (over the last two months) that he likes to sleep in the laundry room on the concrete floor (we do not block him in there, it's completely his choice, he has full run of the house). This and the cold are the only two reasons I can think of for maybe chapping, it just doesn;t seem likely. Is there something that he may be allergic to? We haven't changed anything at all recently-- Shampoo, laundry detergent, food, etc. Thank you in advance to anyone who may be able to give any advice.

Ha Ha..

No they're not dragging! I was just thinking that they might get chapped from sleeping on the concrete and moving around in his sleep maybe? Starting last night, we make sure the door to the laundry room is closed at night so that he can't sleep in there. We'll see if that helps any.

I agree, try Bag Balm if there's no sign of bleeding or infectio

I too think they may be chapped, and that's okay as long as the skin isn't cracked or bleeding...the softening quality of the Bag Balm should prevent that cracking/chafing. Remember that instinctively the dog will want to place his testicles/scrotum on the cool surface to protect his sperm production, and if he has a thick coat he may also find the cool floor more comfortable in general. Do you keep your house heat turned on anything above 68 degrees F?? Bulldogs in general find it easier to breathe if the air is toward the cool-side too.

how about using

neosporin - just in case it's infected and/or use vaseline to keep it from chapping.


Calace!!! are they draging on the ground?

Keep putting...

The bag balm on it, sounds like chapping to me from the concrete.

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