My Bully Throws Up After Eating

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My Bully Throws Up After Eating I know bullies vomit alot if excited etc. But he (just turned a year last week) seems to be vomiting quite often after eating. He has a slight breathing problem- not as bad as I've seen some other bullies but his vomit almost seems phlemgy. I'm wondering if he is vomiting due to excess mucus and/or that he can't breathe while eating. I think I've read before on here, but wanted to check before administering, can they get mucinex?

Any advice?


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It could be palatte or it could be allergies

i just had one of boys palattes done as he was doing exactly this, it made absolutely no difference. I have now switched him to a gluten free diet and he is doing 80% better.

Re: My Bully Throws Up After Eating

no expert by any means but cutty was throwing up a lot when he was on chicken based food. could this be what is hapening maybe? once we took him off the food, he stopped. good luck in finding your solution.

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throwing up

I agree with Elaine, it wounds like soft palate. That;s what mine did before he had his surgery. I always thought that he sounded as if he had an upper respiratory infection, always sounding like he had alot of mucous. After his surgery he is much better. Also, does he eat very fast. I hae another one who when she eats she gulps her food down and then throws it back up.

Re: My Bully Throws Up After Eating

Does he also spit up some water after drinking? My girl used to do this before she had palate surgery. If you have not had his checked I would for sure have the vet take a look to make sure that's not the problem.

This sounds almost like a classic case of elongated palate.

The vomiting, along with the phlegm and some hard breathing are the classic signs of elongated palate. If he were vomiting only, usually undigested food, but was a relaxed and quiet breather, I would say perhaps mega-esophagus should be considered. You need to have him evaluated by a bulldog-savvy vet and tell that doc about the vomiting, the breathing, the phlegm, and any signs of intolerance of exercise, such as darkening of tongue after running, vomiting up water after drinking, loud or raspy breathing after play.

You should be pleasantly surprised at how much improvement this type of surgery can bring to a bulldog's life, when done correctly. I know my bulldog wanted to run and play a lot more than I was letting him before the surgery because he would get exhausted, overheated, tongue darken, etc. Afterward, he was free to do as much exercise as he felt like, running around the yard, playing.

Meanwhile, you can slow down his rapid eating by putting his dry food on an edged cookie sheet...that may help some but its not a cure for exercise-limitations or other quality-of-life considerations.

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