to much of a good thing?

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to much of a good thing?

lulu is pregnant iam feeding her merrick puppy food ground beef folic acid 800 mgs. & pet tabs will add cranberry the last for weeks. my vet thinks the food is enuff with out the outher stuff. asked him about folic acid .he seemed clueless . yet he was highly recommend dr. howard gray hawk animal hospitial scottsdale Adminzona. anybody heard of him??

Re: The folic acid is given to help prevent cleft palate.

Folic acid also prevents spina bifida in the human world and dog world.

The folic acid is given to help prevent cleft palate.

I don't know if it actually works - I think its a recessive genetic mutation or fault - but many breeders do give it.

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I used to live in Grayhawk and...

I don't know of Dr Howard. There are a couple of good bully vets in the Phoenix area, one is Dr Junger who is at Guadelupe and Alma School, she is the vet all the breeders around here use. It's a long drive but totally worth it. We use Dr Willms at Arrow Animal Hospital at 51 Ave and Thunderbird, he has hours on Sat and Sun and owns a french bulldog hilself. Email me if you need any more info, we live in Cave Creek now.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

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