Misbehaving Bulldog - HELP!

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Misbehaving Bulldog - HELP!

Maya is now 11 months old and is getting impossible. It's like everything we've strived so hard to train her in the first months she's forgotten. Everyday for the last several days she has either pooped or peed (or both) in the house and on several occasions on the bed. And this only about 30 minutes after being taken outside. She's also gone back to eating the cat's food (which she KNOWS is wrong). I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do with her. I'm told this is a sort of 'teenage behavior' but I just don't know how to react to her when she does these things. I know she knows its wrong so punishment, like time-out, seems pointless. Please, does anyone have any advice??



Marilyns "puberty" carried on for ages!
Bullies love to be the "center of attention", but once they are the "c.o.a", will sit back like 'butter didn't melt!'
I found personaly that the reward method didn't help, although ignoring her bad behaviour did! Although you may feel the need to leave the room and smash something! (I've never in my life had to reverse my thought process as regards training dogs)
All I can say is this; there are dog training rules, and there are Bully training rules, try one first, but be prepared to do the opposite!

Yep, puberty

Like all teenagers she is trying to find out what her boundaries are. So go back to puppyhood. Replace the crate, and take her on a leash and do again all those exercises you learned in puppyclass.
Or enroll in dogtrainingclass.

Praise her for being obedient, persist if she doesn't listen. Hang in there! It will get better!

At this age she is getting her big molars, so the crate is really necessary. The accidents might be related to a UTI, but can be puberty aswell.
Be sure she does her things outside, take her for an extra walk if she doesn't and praise her for doing it outside.

Hang in there!!!


Hang in there. Yes this is like a teenager. Don't forget bullies are also very stubborn. Annie is 17 months old and went through that as well. It is less frustrating if you removed anything you bully can and will get into. We have resorted to feeding the cat on my dresser. Food is just IMPOSSIBLE for them to resist so it makes no difference if they know it is wrong. She isn't locked up when we are gone for a short time but we make sure everything is out of her reach. This morning I left my gym bag out and she went through it and chewed up my brush, put holes in my shampoo and chewed my headset to pieces. Yes she knows not to do that, but I shouldn't have left it within her reach. Our problem is we lost the "perfect" dog a year ago and got Annie, the puppy.

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