Maya has Entropion **Cross Post**

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Maya has Entropion **Cross Post**

Just spoke with the vet and Maya has entropion in her left eye (right eye is just fine). Said he'll have to do surgery to correct it - the sooner the better. Does anyone else have experience with this? My poor baby, I just want her to be all better....


re: entropian

Maddi had entropian and the wild eyelashes. She had surgery on both and was spayed at the same time, They used the laser instead of cutting her, that worked wonderful. Her eyes don't water as much now as they used to. Now the only problem is that she has gooo in her eyes in the morning when she wakes up. Good luck with Maya's surgery and keep us posted on how she does.

re entropian

Oscar had both eyes done before he was a year old. He also had distichiasis, which is wild eyelashes that grow into the eye. They basically cut a strip off his upper lid and sewed it back so the lashes were pointing more upward. It was a pretty simple surgery, he didn't have to wear a lampshade because he wasn't itching much. Make sure your vet uses Isoflurane anesthesia, make sure someone stays with him until he is COMPLETELY awake and don't feed him for 18 hours before the surgery.

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