Luxating patella....

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Luxating patella....

and now a torn cruciate ligament. What am I supposed to do?

3 weeks ago Bacon (10 months on November 9) was diagnosed as having a luxating patella. The vet explained the problem and the corrective surgery. We discussed and discussed between ourselves and with others who've had Bullies who needed the surgery and decided to go ahead with it. Now, 3 weeks later, Bacon is still favoring his leg. He won't use it. I took him back to our vet yesterday and, after consulting with a colleague, he informed me today that Bacon may have torn his cruciate ligament and that will need to be repaired....another $700 or more.

Any opinions? I'm now regretting having even gone ahead with the surgery. I paid for it upfront so I'm out the money. Is it within my rights to ask for a partial refund since the operation has not been successful? Does this situation sound totally hokey? He has recommended that I go to his colleague for the procedure because he is an orthopedic specialist.

Something is not right with Bacon's leg. I'm heartbroken to see him be so miserable. I live in Galesburg, Illinois. There aren't any Bulldog vets in my area, that I'm aware of. My schedule is so crazy and, since the first surgery, my finances are so tight that I can't afford to trek to Chicago or somewhere to seek out a Bulldog vet. On the other hand, I'm open to any suggestion. Thank you so much.

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Hendrix had same surgery 3 weeks ago on both knees. He is also 10 months old. He started limping and favoring his hind legs about 3-4 months ago. After consulting with our vet she recommended taking him to an orthopedic surgeon. Both knees were extremely bad and the surgeon decided they both should be done at once. Following the surgery the orothopedic surgeon did warn us that he may have to have help walking for the first few weeks(using a towel to support his hind end). However, when we picked him up he was walking on his own and was also walking better then he ever had. Like you we have struggled to keep him quiet and inactive. When we picked him up we were shown the x-rays before surgery and after. If you have x-rays I would suggest getting them and taking them to your orthopedic surgeon.

I would try to keep him crated as much as possible

And calm. Even if perhaps you need to ask the vet for some mild tranquilizer if need be. Give it time to heal. I am sure in a month there will be a world of difference. But, he has to let it heal, and three weeks is not enough.

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Yes. 3 weeks ago.

That was what I thought... He started using it a little after the surgery and now he's back to not using it at all or very rarely. Since he's still so young, it's been difficult keeping him calm...he's so excitable, but we've tried. There is a feeling in his a slipping or popping... I don't know. I'm just a concerned Bulldog momma... When do I stop believing a trained veterinarian? I don't get the impression that he means any harm to Bacon. He's concerned and feels terrible...

Did he have the luxating patella surgery??? When?

The way I understand what you wrote, it's only been three weeks? It takes a while to recover from that. If he suddenly won't walk at all on it, I'd be suspicious that it has to be related to the surgery.

Yes, a torn cruciate is different. But, if he just had the other surgery, I'm sure you are having him take it very easy, so I can't see how he now got a torn cruciate.

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